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It seems that using of spices can not only to reveal the flavor of our food and make it more tasty, but also  it can help to boost our metabolism. This is a very popular Indian spice which is used not only for cooking but also in medicine.
Though you will lose weight when you stop eating certain foods and cut back on your overall caloric intake, you can also promote weight loss by adding things to your diet.Herbs and spices have no effect on your daily caloric intake, but they have a significant effect on how your body works and how you eat. Herbs and spices add flavor to food, allowing you to eat less, but still satiate your appetite. In addition, turmeric improves digestion – including the difficult to digest meat and fatty food.

You can add some cinnamon to coffee, tea, oatmeal, sprinkle it on baked fruits and poultry. TurmericThis yellow spice is used to make curry and is a common component in Indian dishes.
It is one of the most celebrated spices when it comes to health because it is known to reduce inflammation in the body. Health experts believe inflammation plays a role in obesity and that it makes it more difficult for the body to drop excess weight.2. This is due to a compound known as dyhydrocapsiate and research shows it works best when eaten multiple times per day.

Adding these herbs and spices to your life can make your weight loss journey a lot easier.Let us know here at MHLC if you have any weight loss “tricks” or if you have noticed a difference in weight loss after adding any of these herbs and spices to your diet.

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