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Meats are generally good sources of protein, essential fatty acids, iron and some B group vitamins. Cereals provide an important source of energy, a proportion of protein and other nutrients including thiamine and niacin. A supplementary supply of vitamins and minerals may be added to ensure pets are receiving the required daily dietary intake. Sodium is an essential nutrient and along with chloride is important for fluid balance in the body. If sugar is included in addition to that which naturally occurs in the ingredients, levels are carefully controlled to ensure nutritional balance and palatability. Additives which can be used in pet foods include vitamins, flavours, preservatives, antioxidants and colours.
Antioxidants: Dietary antioxidants play a substantial role in the long term health and well being of cats.
We present you a list of top 6 vitamins and minerals you need most for proper body function.
It is particularly important in the first weeks of pregnancy because it is responsible for proper development of baby’s brain and prevents deformation of baby’s spine.
The most important sources of Vitamin D-3 are: egg yolk, sardines, shark liver oil, soy products. This mineral strengthens bones and teeth, and it also regulates blood pressure and relieves PMS symptoms. Eat products rich in calcium more often to prevent osteoporosis, which usually occurs after the age of 50 and is more common in women than men.
The most important sources of calcium are dairy products including: Milk, yogurt, tofu… and almonds, salmon.
I heard milk causes osteoporosis and is not good for you, but kale is the better choice for calcium.
Here’s a breakdown on the major types of vitamins and minerals essential for every woman.

Calcium – One of the most important for ladies of any age to keep the bones healthy and prevent osteoporosis (which Asian women are more prone of, by the way). Vitamin B6 – An essential vitamin for a healthy immune system and to assist in better hormones and brain chemicals production. Soya beans are commonly used to provide a source of protein and energy, omega 6, B vitamins fibre and minerals. Although cats have no absolute dietary requirement for carbohydrates, they present an excellent energy source in an easily digestible form. They are important for optimal health, including kidney function, reproduction and a glossy coat.
Although sodium levels in human food can present a human health issue due to the risk of hypertension, sodium levels in prepared pet food are not a cause for concern in healthy adult dogs and cats. When sugar is cooked along with meat it results in browning of the meat and the production of natural sugars, (just the same as those produced in the cooking of the Sunday roast), this provides a pleasing colour and enhances palatability.
It is therefore critical to have methods to prevent this deterioration and maintain high quality, nutritious, and palatable foods. Vitamin D-3 also protects us against various autoimmune diseases and breast and ovaries cancer. It is thought to prevent birth defects and certain conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, cancer and memory loss. Healthy hair and skin come from sufficient amounts of Vitamin E as it has the ability to fight cell damage.
Vitamin K is important for strong bones, healthy blood clotting and reduce risk of heart disease. This vitamin is key to maintain blood sugar levels as well as reduce depression, heart disease and memory loss. It is essential as an immune booster to help you heal faster, promote tissue growth and reduce risk of certain cancers, heart disease and tissue damage. Omega-3 is essential to reduce your risk of heart disease, osteoporosis and bone loss, memory loss and rheumatoid arthritis.

The purchase and distribution related information on this site is provided by Greendog Ireland on their behalf and should not be interpreted as being provided by NatureVito, who provide product related information only. Because bones are frequently ground when preparing the fish, a good source of calcium and phosphorus is also provided.
Good sources of carbohydrates in pet foods are usually cereal based such as corn (maize), rice, wheat, barley or sorghum.
PFMA members only use legally permitted additives and only in the smallest amounts possible. Canned pet foods are protected from spoilage by their airtight storage in the can, but dry foods, even with modern packaging, must include preservatives to maintain the quality and safety of the food.
The enquirer can also contact the company directly, using the name and contact details on the packaging, to ask which additives it contains. This vitamin can also help prevent heart disease, cataracts, memory loss and certain types of cancer. If you prefer to get your Vitamin K naturally, eat more dark leafy greens such spinach and broccoli.
Your daily intake should be 60mg and good sources of Vitamin C can be found in any kinds of citrus fruits, dark leafy greens, brussel sprouts and peppers.
Healthy dogs and cats are actually able to consume diets with higher sodium levels than those found in most prepared pet foods without any adverse effects such as increased blood pressure or gain in body water.
The daily intake should be 30 IU; Vitamin E is found in wheat germ, spinach and most nuts like hazelnuts, almonds and peanuts. While a higher sodium intake may cause increased thirst and water consumption, the extra sodium is excreted without problem in the urine.

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