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Healthy hair is only partly about what you put on it; what you put IN your body is equally as important. Today we will start with a quick and easy “Green Smoothie” that will help you begin a transition, if you’re interested of course, into a healthier lifestyle.
This drink should be consumed first thing in the morning, either as a replacement for breakfast or as a supplement (if you feel its not enough).
I’ve always experience dry, brittle, breaking hair through out my life until I started these smoothies, occassionally substituting homemade green smoothies for already prepared store brought brands with the same + more fruits+ veggies, including Spirulina and Chlorella (Odwalla Superfood or Bolthouse Green Goodness).
I also have to include that the store brought green smoothies are great for someone on a budget + and no time to blend at home. Finding the cause as to why your hair is getting thinner or falling out is the first step to addressing the problem, finding the answer and getting results. We have sooo many answers to your hair problems, and stuff you may never even thought of or considered, check us out today! If you are trying to grow your hair long and dye it as well, have a read of the list of reasons you should maybe reconsider…. If you answered yes to any of the above questions, your hair routine and lifestyle choices indicate MAXIMUM hair breakage.

If your hair is dull, dry, and brittle, forget spending tons of money on shampoos and styling products that claim to offer shine and moisture. Check out out egg whites for protein, walnuts for biotin and vitamin E, and mangoes for Vitamin A which is great for curing itchy scalp.
It’s important to assess what we are consuming, not only for the sake of our beauty regimens but also for our overall health. I pay around $4 for a 32oz of Bolthouse Green Goodness (thats $1 a serving) or $9 for a half gallon of Odwalla Superfood. Again, the more YES answers you have the more you will have to make adjustments to your hair care routine if you want to see positive changes to your hair.
After months of researching and finally curing myself, it became quite evident that healthy resources in our urban communities were lacking.
One question,has this process of creating and drinking this smoothie helped your hair to grow, stronger,thicker and longer. You can find these green smoothies at the fruits + veggie section or health food section in a chain supermarket (Walmart, Krogers, HEB, Stop+Shop, etc…).
Made from hair-healthy ingredients like Greek yogurt, blueberries, and kidney beans, this smoothie will help moisturize the scalp and encourage growth.

I began my health & wellness tumblr in Dec of 2010 as somewhat of a journal, hoping to shed some light on my journey to health as well as our disconnection with healthy living. The beans also offer biotin, which is not only great for your hair, but for your skin as well.
By incorporating more natural, healthier eating habits into our daily routines, we will see and feel incredible results as well as positively improve our quality of life.
Also, remember you are drinking for health and not simply for pleasure, so don’t expect the taste to blow you away! What should help you down that smoothie is keeping in mind how powerful it is for your energy levels and internal system. I feel so much more energized with a green smoothie as opposed to eggs + bacon for breakfast.

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