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As an added bonus, iron pills are small (unlike prenatal vitamins) and don’t taste horrible (unlike Senna). A few years back, a friend bullied me into switching from regular women’s multivitamins to prenatal ones.
I thought prenatals were stupid because women have been making babies for time out of mind without the assistance of scientifically engineered nutrients.
I guess I should thank her, though, not just because I get better vitamins now that are also easier on my wallet, but because without prenatal vitamins, the impetus for writing this blog in the first place may never have come about in the way it had. Pregnant already or just trying to conceive, now is the time to begin taking prenatal vitamins.
Whether you are already pregnant, or just in the trying stages, and working on getting your body ready, you might be interested in which prenatal vitamins are the best. Your doctor might have a favorite brand of prenatal vitamins that he or she might recommend to all patients, or he or she might have a special one in mind for you. If your doctor gives you a sample of prenatal vitamins, and you try them out and like them, by all means go ahead and buy the big bottle and get that bulk discount. In weeks 5 and 6, I use primarily body weight exercises (squats, lunges, planks, push-ups) as well as some of my prenatal fitness workouts.

As a fully grown human, I now see that the seats are way too small and everyone around me is way too fat. Whenever she’d ream me about not taking prenatals, I insisted again and again that I had no interest in pregnancy “right now,” the cursory clause that must follow all social statements on childbearing, lest your baby-obsessed friend be horrified and ream you with reasons you should change your mind (or, more insulting, reasons you will change your mind). Not only were the prenatal pills about a zillion times better than every regular women’s multi on the shelf in terms of both the number of vitamins in the ingredients and the daily percentage power, but they were cheaper. If I hadn’t been on prenatals, my doctor would never have been so mean to me that she made me cry, and I probably wouldn’t have been pushed to start this blog.
At the very least, your doctor should be able to provide you with a list of things to look for on the label, including ingredients and amounts that you should make sure to check before purchasing a certain prenatal vitamin. But, I would recommend only buying a small bottle of a prenatal vitamin at first to see how you react to it. I feel constantly bullied by pushy assholes trying to cut in line or whack me brainless in the narrow aisles just so they can wedge an oversized bag big enough to contain its own small jet into overhead compartments that threaten to spring loose from their screws any minute.
What I don’t like is getting played, and suckering me into another “party” where I have to make small talk at gunpoint with strangers for hours while chewing on crappy hors d’ouevres shaped like fetuses and talking babies-babies-babies in exchange for a $50 (and up) parting gift from me to you is cold. Usual ingredients that your doctor should tell you to look for are: Folic Acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, B-Complex Vitamins, Vitamin E, Calcium, Zinc and Iron.

It is very common to have reactions to a prenatal vitamin, especially being sick to your stomach after you take it. Ask if you need to supplement your prenatal vitamin with anything else, such as additional iron, calcium or folic acid. Taking them is part insurance policy, part justification of my over-indulgence in junk food, and part belief that vitamins are the nutritional equivalent of voodoo.
Your doctor might want to recommend a vitamin with other ingredients as well, so make sure you ask for a recommendation. Some women have certain pregnancy issues or complications that require them to have additional levels of certain vitamins or minerals. By letting your doctor examine the prenatal vitamin that you chose, and being able to know if you need to supplement it with anything else, you are guaranteeing that you will have the healthiest pregnancy possible.
Most doctors are more than happy to give patients some samples of different prenatal vitamins so you can see which ones you like best.

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