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MegaHydrate contains the active ingredient Silica Hydride, a compound known to positively affect the “zeta potential” of blood cells. The test subject was given 500 mg (or two 250 mg capsules) of Silica Hydride – the active ingredient in MegaHydrate – mixed with 8 oz of water. MegaHydrate’s Silica Hydride is the only known supplement to dramatically increase zeta potential. Comparing the effectiveness of the Silica Hydride in MegaHydrate on free radicals versus other natural, and even synthetic, antioxidant compounds clearly shows that Silica Hydride is 800% more effective than other known products or foods.
The references below are a condensed bibliography of studies related to Silica Hydride and Microcluster research. Besides calcium and vitamin D, our body needs silica in order to make our bones strong and prevent osteoporosis.
Silica is an element that is derived from many types of food that we eat such as rice, wheat, oats, strawberries, avocados, lettuce, cucumbers, and other dark green vegetables.
Silalive is a pure neobiogenic complex that contains two forms of natural silica: diatomaceous earth (DME) and orthosilicic acid (OSA). If you consume enough silica supplements, your body will get to receive its nutrients and essential minerals more easily. Unfortunately, the foods we consume every day don’t contain as much silica as the body would require. Inflammation, intestinal ulcers, acidity, irritated tract and indigestion are all conditions that can be diminished with proper consumption of silica. Silica’s detoxifying effects will improve the way your metabolism and other systems function. All sorts of natural supplements, but especially silica, are great ways to obtain all the extra energy the body needs in order to continue resisting. SilaLive is a pure proprietary blend of enhanced human-food grade diatomaceous earth powder (85% silica) and living organic silica (stablized orthosilicic acid). Internal parasite control is one of the most common uses of silica based products and supplements.
Just like with any other health supplement, it is important to ask your doctor if you could use silica.
Researchers have performed numerous studies to find out what effects silica has on animals as well as the human body. After further research studies, it was discovered that silica was also a crucial element in the human body as it was directly responsible for the development of strong bones, healthy teeth, youthful skin, beautiful hair, flexible joints, and strong nails. Until recently, medical researchers did not grasp the importance of silica in the human diet.
It was then discovered that the human body needed silica to act as a transport agent to carry the calcium into the bones. Silica also creates many great effects for the skin, helping it to remain free of wrinkles. The other type of Silica, known as organic silicone, can be absorbed by the human body, and this has the great effects that have been described above. Silica is believed to be such an important part of a body, because it has been discovered to reside in such high quantities within the body. What Is Silica SilaLive Supplement As a natural occurring element in the human body, silica is extremely abundant.
Why Use Silica Supplementation Why Everyone Needs Silica Supplements in Their Daily Diets Other than vitamin D and calcium, your body needs silica to be able to make your bones strong and to prevent you from developing osteoporosis.

Best Silica SupplementOur featured silica supplement is Silalive because it not only offers both forms of beneficial silica, diatomaceous earth and orthosilicic acid, but allows for ultimate detoxification and rejuvenation. A silicate mineral supplement, MicrohydrinA®, traps reduced hydrogen providing in vitro biological antioxidant properties. Liberation of H+, Al+++ and Fe+++ ions from pure clay minerals on repeated salt treatment and desaturations. She has studied and performed extensive research in health science, natural hormone balancing, anti-aging techniques, nutrition, natural medicine, weight loss, herbal remedies, non-toxic cancer support and is actively involved in researching new natural health protocols and products.  A 14 year stage 3 colon cancer survivor, Loretta is able to relate to both-sides-of-the-health-coin as patient and practitioner when it comes to health and wellness. However, the silica content that is found in these food sources is very low and it is not sufficient enough for our daily recommended intake of silica. The main purpose of the supplement is to provide our bodies with the right amount of natural silica to be able to reap its benefits.
Because Silalive has bioavailable properties, it can penetrate into your skeletal system to produce strong bones, healthy skin, beautiful hair, and strong teeth.
Being one of the most appreciated weight loss tools, this mineral brings by thousands of other health benefits. Since our every day foods don’t contain as much silica as the body needs, supplementation becomes a must, especially for the seniors. If you are looking for the ideal silica supplement, try the one that uses both diatomaceous earth and orthosilicic acid (organic silica). Without forms of silica like Silicic Acid, the calcium cannot penetrate into the part of the bone that it needs to in order to reverse and prevent any further damage. Silica has been found to benefit the human body because of its ability to help the body utilize the nutrients it takes in from food more effectively.
Skin that does not have wrinkles is plentiful in the substance called collagen, and it has been found that collagen contains silica.
This supplement brings two different types of Silica together to provide the human body with the most effective form of the supplement that the lab could create.
In order to receive both of these types of Silica, people have the option of taking the supplement SilaLive. No other mineral can be detected in the body in greater numbers than the mineral Silica can be found. It provides thousands of health benefits, not to mention that is also one of the most useful weight loss tools.
However, due to mass food production, mineral deficient soil, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, over-processing of foods, chemical preservatives, and drinking over-chlorinated and over-fluoridated water, people do not get enough Hydrogen ions daily. Evaluation of Hydroxyl Radical-Scavenging Abilities of Silica Hydride, an Antioxidant Compound, by a Fe+2-EDTA Induced 2-Hydroxyterephthalate Fluorometric Analysis.
Antioxidant Capacity of Silica Hydride: a Combinatorial Photosensitization and Fluorescence Detection Assay.
Differential Metabolic Effects on Mitochondria by Silica Hydride Using Capillary Electrophoresis.
In Heany PJ, Prewkt CT, Gibbs GV, (eds): Silica, Physical Behavior, Geochemistry, and Materials Application.
Although it may come as a surprise, there is much more silica in the body than minerals such as calcium and iron. For this reason, we must add a silica supplement to our daily diet by using a product called Silalive. Osteoporosis will be prevented, broken bones will be healed, hair will be stronger, excess fat will be lost, and joints will be kept healthy and lubricated so that we physically feel younger.

It works in conjunction with other minerals and nutrients, providing improvement to the overall health. Osteoporosis will be prevented, broken bones will get rebuilt, hair will look much better, excess fat will be lost, and joints will be kept healthy and lubricated so the body feels younger. The most common silica deficiency symptoms are: dry skin, weakened hair, heart pain, stomach pain, weakened teeth and gums.
Instead, the silicate salts that are present in the ocean actually acidify the silicon to create ortho “silicic acid” (H4SiO4). Diatoms are a group of algae that converts the silicic acid to a form of biogenic silica in order to use the silica to form their cell walls. The studies that have been done on the effects of Silica have shown that it keeps the skin from sagging and basically looking old. The first type of Silica, biogenous Silica, does not absorb well by the body, but scientists have discovered that this type of Silica encourages the workings of the body’s digestive system. It also contributes to the absorption of all the other minerals that the body needs to sustain itself. Argillation and direct bauxitization in terms of concentrations of hydrogen and metal ions at surface of hydrolyzing aluminum silicates.
Loretta is Contributor and Editor of the worldwide E-newsletter Advanced Health & Wellness. If you have started to suffer from arterial problems, find out your silica levels are too low. Studies have proven that without silica, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin D could not be absorbed into the bloodstream. It naturally occurs in the human body, controlling the way other minerals and nutrients are being transported and used.
However, when the silicic acids are heated, it forms an active form of silicon dioxide known as silica gel. Instead the calcium would build up in various places throughout the body where it wasn’t needed and it caused health problems such as painful bone spurs, stiff joints, and even calcium deposits in the brain. The supplement that contains the purest form of Silica in the highest quantities just happens to be SilaLive, with 89 percent pure Silica within.
There is also no overexposure risk of taking too much silica as it is easily excreted from the body. With its amazing ability to rebuild tissues, silica makes it possible for the calcium to be properly used and repair the affected bones. Being known to repair collagen at a fast pace, silica is one of the most appreciated anti-aging elements in Nature. In just a couple weeks, you will notice many positive health benefits that you never would have imagined you could get from a mineral. It is truly a miracle mineral that will pave the way to complete human health when paired with a healthy diet and exercise.

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