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Since starting my weight loss journey I have made quite a few significant lifestyle changes.
Our physician-supervised weight loss program combines diet, education, moderate exercise, and daily medication to help patients lose weight. The success stories shown on this website represent actual clients of Metabolic Weight Loss Solutions. Each year millions of Americans and Europeans enroll in commercial and self-help weight loss programs. Changing behavior over time and engaging in a regular exercise routine is what will take excess weight off and keep it off. HCG Elite Weight Loss is a customizable program based on scientific principals and provides medical weight loss services to patients desiring a healthy, effective weight loss and management program.
We also offer another 8 week medical weight loss program, Lean Elite, for those patients desiring a food program and three very effective fat burning  and metabolism boosting supplements without HCG.
Our medical weight loss solutions have proven to unlock the secrets to improving overall health while building muscle and trimming your waist line. With the profound advancement in medicine and nutritional science today, coupled with the latest scientific studies, exhaustive research, and the collective experience of treating countless weight loss patients through the years, Dr.
By using HCG Elite in either injectable or sublingual forms (both pharmaceutical grade), in conjunction with available supplementation and the HCG Elite Fat Burning Food Plan, weight loss comes directly from the abnormal adipose fat tissue rather than stripping the body of much needed muscle, metabolism is maintained, and excessive amounts of fat-stored nutrients are released into the blood stream to be absorbed by the body. During your initial appointment, your medical and diet history and weight loss goals will be evaluated.

Although HCG serves as the catalyst or the “Jump Start” to safe and rapid weight loss in the first phase of the HCG Elite Weight Loss program, fat burning does not stop there.
No other standard HCG Weight Loss Program can compare to the comprehensiveness or results achieved through our completely unique, three-phase HCG Elite Diet. The best advise I could give someone who desires to lose weight is find your motivation and keep it.
Our safe and effective treatment plans combine diet education, exercise and medication to help patients lose weight and improve their health.
Because so many people want to loose weight and doing it is difficult there are many commercial weight loss programs on the market.
The HCG Elite Weight Loss program and its staff of intensely trained professionals will not only help you effectively shed those unwanted pounds; we will provide the necessary education, support and tools to restore health and vitality into your active lifestyle.
We understand that losing weight can seem insurmountable, whether your goal is to lose 10 lbs. You will fully understand how your body reacts to certain foods, how to eat and the portions you need to keep the weight off all while eating three hearty, nutrient dense meals per day. Keri Sweeten, and her team of highly trained and compassionate medical professionals, are here to offer the necessary education, one-on-one nutritional counseling, customizable multi-phased weight loss programs, and unlimited support for a healthy, effective weight loss solution for women and men of all ages. With weight loss strategies firmly based in medical science, patients can expect successful, long-term weight loss results, always at an affordable cost.
Change behavior from what you eat to how you eat it, how much you eat and when is the key to long term, sucessful wight loss.

You will receive our Welcome Packet, an expansive collection of information regarding the program and the science behind our weight loss philosophy, Phase 1 Food Guide, delicious recipes and Food Diary. You will quickly learn that our program is not a diet but a means to thrive consuming real, nutritiously dense foods, foods that are not going to raise insulin levels, foods that won’t acidify the body, and foods that will not cause an inflammatory response in the body and make you sick.
We provide you with the necessary tools that have assisted thousands of patients achieve their weight loss goal. Weight loss isn't something that happens overnight, you need to stick with it if you want to see results. Patients considering the use of commercial weight loss programs should realize that these programs have not been carefully studied.
Sweeten was compelled to research and implement a solution to combat the ever growing obesity and diabetic epidemic.
If the thought of stepping on a scale paralyzes you, don’t worry; we can forego weighing during the initial period of the program.
The phase may last 30 days, or we can extend the Jump Start phase for up to 60 consecutive days to help you lose more weight!

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