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As for the berries, I did not see anything that says whether you can or cannot eat more berries on the diet. I take high blood pressure pills also, a metforim for sugar plus advil for back is this a good diet for me.
This is a good diet for anyone who needs to lose weight and is willing to commit to the lifestyle changes required to beat the cravings we have for ingredients that are not good for us. The main thing to remember when choosing what to eat is to remember what you are supposed to eliminate from your diet – sweeteners, caffeine, dairy (except 1 cp of Greek yogurt daily), and starchy carbs.

Oz 2 Week Diet and the recommended supplement list required to complete a rapid weight loss transformation in a matter of only two weeks!
If you can find an unsweetened version, then it’s a go, otherwise, it goes against the no sweeteners rule of the diet.
I believe I will be able to continue eating a mildly modified version of the Two Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet now that the cravings are gone, and hope to continue eating healthily.
And finally, many packaged, store-bought brands have sweeteners and other additives that are not great for dieting.

Just remember, one of the key goals of this diet is to eliminate the things we crave, and sweeteners are things we easily grow to crave.

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