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It sounds like every dieter’s dream – a pill that can speed up weight loss by half is available over-the-counter from today at a pharmacy near you. With two-thirds of us now either overweight or obese, a slimming pill that could help you lose even more weight on a diet sounds like a dream come true.
The drug, known as Alli, is a half-dose (60mg) version of orlistat, a diet pill that’s been available on prescription for around 10 years.
According to trials, the pill can help you lose half as much weight again as you would by dieting alone.
Dr David Haslam of the National Obesity Forum is pleased with the pill’s new availability and believes it makes a welcome change from unproven alternatives. I was following the instructions to the letter and eating a low fat diet but my weight loss was slow. I didn’t think that the small weight loss was worth the side effects so I came off the drug after four months. I decided to lose weight the sensible way and carried on with a healthy diet and walking at least 30 minutes a day.
With obesity on the rise in the UK along with the accompanying health risks such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers, we need every possible tool to help us keep our weight under control. It’s people who adopt healthy eating habits for life as opposed to strict dieters who are more successful in maintaining a healthy weight for life. They would also check that the person is sufficiently overweight to benefit from the pill – the manufacturer recommends that it’s only given to people with a body mass index (BMI) of 28 or over. In our previous post we talked about how The Only Way is Essex star Lauren Goodger has been using Meratol diet pills to help her lose the weight and feel more confident again.
In a video taken recently Lauren Goodger tells us how she lost the weight so quickly and what it has done for her self esteem and her relationship. Meratol is an amazing diet pill that has helped Lauren and thousands of other women to lose weight and feel great again. Meratol is the brand new weight loss pill that is completely natural but as strong as the pharmaceutical alternatives. The article talks about how the new weight loss pill has been a massive success in America and helps keep celebs like Eva Longoria and Courteney Cox slim and sexy.
The Daily Express goes on to explain why the pill is so effective, even recommended by Doctors and health care professionals. UK celebs Nicola MCclean and Roxanne Pallett have both endorsed the product after using it to lose weight. Roxanne Pallet ITV soap star struggled with her weight and wanted to get back to her normal sexy size.
Slim with the stars and start feeling good about yourself with Capsiplex Plus weight loss pills. Nuratrim is a new weight loss pill that has been gaining massive amounts of media attention, the newspapers and magazines have been talking about it and even celebs are using it. Nuratrim is a 4 in 1 weight loss pill that works with your body to help you take control of your weight.

The best thing about Nuratrim weight loss pills is that you don’t have to cut any food types out, you can still eat the foods you love and lose weight.
The Nuratrim reviews so far have been amazing, customers are seeing great weight loss results.
In just a few months Laura lost 4 stone and the best thing is that she kept the weight off.
Some weight loss pills require that you cut out certains types of food in order for them to work or to see quicker results. Nuratrim has been in the papers, its used by celebs and it comes from the same company that gave us the biggest diet pill of 2011.
The only way is Essex star Lauren Goodger has recently lost over 1 stone in weight thanks to the help of Meratol diet pills. Lauren is like a lot of girls in Britain, shes got a curvy figure and puts weight on easily.
Meratol weight loss pills have been in the papers, in magazines and are currently being used by many A-list celebrities. If you’ve tried low carb diets and failed then Meratol weight loss pills are for you. When the weight loss pill reaches the stomach it releases fibres and enzymes which bind to some of the fats and carbohydrates. Meratol uses ingredients have have undergone thorough testing, they’ve been clinically proven to work and will help you to lose the excess weight.
With some people losing over 1 stone of weight in just a month and amazing before and after pictures, its no wonder why the revolutionary diet pill Meratol has taken off. With over 30,000 bottles sold in under a week, Meratol weight loss pills have taken the UK market by storm. The weight loss pills first came out in America in October 2010, they were a massive success. The Daily Express newspaper was quick to report on how effective and popular Meratol UK pills are.
Meratol weight loss pills are made up of completely natural ingredients which can be found in most other weight loss pills making it a very safe pill. Made from Brown Seaweed Extract, Cactus Extract Capsicum Extract and Prickly Pear, the same ingredients have been used in different weight loss and herbal medicines for years. Meratol weight loss pills have been on sale in America since October, thousands of people have used them to loss weight and no Meratol side effects have been reported so far. He said: ‘I think we could mimic the dramatic weight loss achieved with stomach bypass surgery by giving people gut hormone-derived therapies. Side-effects of eating too much fat with these pills include diarrhoea, wind and abdominal pain.
Medically proven licensed products like Alli give consumers the option of something that can genuinely support meaningful weight loss. I lost half a stone but it all piled back on and from then on I tried lots of different slimming plans but nothing worked.

I mentioned that I wanted to lose weight and the nurse suggested the prescription slimming drug orlistat. And today that includes diet pill Alli, now available for the first time over the counter in UK pharmacies. Anyone who assumes it means they can carry on eating chips and burgers and let the pill do the hard work for them will soon find out this isn’t possible.
But because anyone taking this pill for long will have to change their eating habits, including cutting down on fat, it has a good chance of working for anyone who’s serious about weight loss. But its not a miracle pill, Lauren and the makers of the pill recommend eating less carbohydrates and generally eating healthy while taking Meratol to get the fastest results possible.
Brown Seaweed Extract, Cactus Extract, Prickly Pear and Capsicum Extract are the clinically proven natural ingredients which work together for quick weight loss. Capsicum extract works to increase your metabolism to burn excess calories which makes for very quick weight loss. After the massive success of Capsiplex weight loss pills they have made it even stronger and more effective.
By suppressing your appetite over a period of time your stomach and body will get used to eating a smaller amount of food, your stomach shrinks so when you stop taking the pills you still won’t feel like eating as much. Soon you will be losing weight and feeling great about yourself again, all while not restricting your diet. In a recent article in Now Magazine Lauren talks about how she vows to lose even more weight using Meratol.
With that and a new series coming up, Lauren Goodger was determined to lose weight and feel great about herself again. She had heard about the new diet pill Meratol which blocks carbohydrates and helps you too lose weight quickly. The diet pill went on sale a couple of months ago and almost sold out within the first few days. High carb foods like bread, pasta, potateos, cakes, biscuits etc are responsible for most peoples weight gain. They reported on how the pills work to block upto 82% of the carbohydrates in your diet and burn extra calories at the same time. The weight loss pills increase your bodies natural ability to use calories and blocks carbohydrate absorption. There is no indication on the website to where data relating to the clinical study on weight loss can be found. The surgery is effective but not without risk, and so Professor Bloom looked for a way of mirroring its weight-loss benefits without an operation.

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