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Progression and planning will no longer be from workout to workout, it will be from week to week.
In Practical Programming, there is quite a bit of info on intermediate programming, which picks up, in detail, where Starting Strength left off. Generally, after several months of consistent, hard training with proper rest, nutrition and recovery, progress will eventually stall and daily workout-to-workout progress will no longer be possible.
A simple training period (training period = period of training and recovery whereby homeostasis is disrupted by training, and sufficient time is allowed to recover and progress) no longer is comprised of 1 workout, but of several.

Rippetoe describes in great detail several methodologies for progression in Practical Programming. Overall, note that Wednesday is a "recovery" day, where you do a workload that is going to be noticeably lighter than either Friday or Monday's workout. Page 195 of Practical Programming, has a great table which shows %-1RM and how it corresponds with repetitions and difficulty. Here is one example, but you'll need to read Practical Programming to really understand the hows and whys.

If you only do 3x8 with that same 70%, that would be a "medium" type workout, and 2-3x5 would be a "light" workout.

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