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The following sample program shows a commander’s thought processes as he develops a 12-week fitness training program for his unit.
First, they analyzed the recently completed ARTEP and reviewed the ARTEP manual to find the most physically demanding, mission-oriented tasks the unit performs. Once all training requirements are identified, the next step is to use them to design fitness tasks which relate to the fitness objectives. An example of designing fitness tasks is provided in Figure 10-3 by using the activities which might occur during one week of physical training. The leader’s tasks are to organize and supervise all strength- and muscle endurance-training sessions and CR training sessions so as to best meet all related fitness objectives. It showed that the commander was aware that the unit’s tasks require muscular endurance and strength and cardiorespiratory fitness.
In developing the fitness tasks, CPT Jones must address collective, individual, and leader tasks as well as resources required.

By accurately listing the fitness tasks that must be done and the resources required to do them, the subsequent step of developing a training schedule is greatly facilitated. Similarly, the leader must organize and supervise all warm-up and cool-down sessions to best meet the fitness objectives for the development and maintenance of flexibility.
To help soldiers reach adequate overload as they improve, the program is made gradually more difficult. After evaluating his unit during this ARTEP, CPT Jones concluded that its level of physical fitness was inadequate. With this information and the MIT’s recommendations, CPT Jones developed the following fitness objectives.
The sandbag lifting and weight training programs help develop muscular endurance and strength. Soldiers will spend at least two to three days a week working each of the major fitness components.

The program also trains cardiorespiratory endurance and flexibility, and warmup and cool-down periods are included in every workout. The different types of training in running will help ensure that soldiers reach a satisfactory level of CR fitness and help each soldier score at least 70 points on the APFT’s 2-mile run. Captain Jones decided to ask the battalion’s MFT to help him develop a good unit program for the company.
The competitive fitness activities will help foster teamwork and cohesion, both of which are essential to each section’s functions.

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