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Often confused with the rutabaga, this white-fleshed vegetable is eaten raw or cooked and prepared like carrots. A slightly spicy kind of celery; the raw vegetable, combined with mustard mayonnaise, becomes the classic celeriac remoulade. Lindsey JohnsonLindsey Johnson is a freelance writer, food photographer and stylist based out of Salt Lake City.
Often the forget cousin of the carrot, these sweet and creamy root veggies make a great addition to your winter and fall plates.
You may feel compelled to chop off the greens of your root veggies and toss them aside, but often they offer more nutrition than the actual roots themselves.

Roots store best in humid environments or in the freezer, but they have a great shelf-life regardless. She fell in love with vegetables after recovering from a childhood deeply entrenched in picky eating. Loaded with complex carbohydrates, root veggies will keep you fueled during the winter months while providing a great resource of vitamins and minerals. That is followed by adding all the root veggies and chicken to the pot, chicken stock is poured over the top, it’s seasoned well, and everything goes into the oven for about an hour. This Chicken Root Vegetable Stew is all about using simple flavors to create something really satisfying and delicious.

It could maybe go for a little longer, but the vegetables will start to fall apart if they’re in there for too long.

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