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Based on their nutrient content, vegetables are organized into subgroups: Leafy Vegetables, dark green vegetables, starchy vegetables, red and orange vegetables, beans and peas, and other vegetables. Indiatimes virality graphThe graph shows how relevant this story is on social networks real-time. These photos were taken at a weekly vegetable market that I spotted while driving in Kerala.
I have to say a big thank you to my husband who  drove back to the market a while after we passed the market so I could get some photos.

It is hard to believe now that Indian cooking didn’t involve any chillies until 16th century when Vascodigama brought it from South America. Tags : Addoor, kerala, Kerala vegetable market, Parakkode, South Indian fresh vegetable market.
Excited to see colorful array of Kerala vegetables Please verify with Horticultural gene banks for the endemic pre-existence and harvesting of various capsicum species before India’s European colonisation , note that Vasco Da Gama arrived in Kerala in 1498.
Its high potassium content makes this a good vegetable for maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

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