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Some personal trainer offer a free training session to give their clients a feel of what they offer.
Finding a personal trainer that fits your requirements may not yet be complete; there is the issue of diet. You may get along great with your trainer, they probably have a charming personality and can throw a decent amount of jargon around to confuse you enough to help you think they know what they’re talking about- but they should be able to explain things to you in such a way that YOU understand them as well. When you’ve decided to embark on a fitness journey and make the decision to hire a trainer, you’re probably super excited and just want to start!
I am on a mission to abolish half-assed, uneducated and apathetic personal trainers who are ruining the potential of the industry. As I discussed in my previous article, online personal training is only growing in popularity.
There are many different online personal training services, with a massive variety of different focuses.
We don’t specialize in working with women, nor do we train athletes that are looking to compete in specific sports.
Our methodology is primarily based on heavy weight training and flexible IIFYM-style dieting.
This will help to inform your search and make the process of finding a suitable online personal trainer much less daunting. Now this last point is one that will likely ruffle some feathers – but I would personally never take weight loss advice from an overweight dietitian.
Nor would I take strength training advice from someone who looked like they’d never picked up a weight in their life. You might find someone who ticks all of the other boxes, but if something about them rubs you the wrong way then it probably won’t work out for very long.
If you don’t feel comfortable being yourself with them, then you should find someone else who you do feel comfortable with. So, as cliche as it may sound, the best online personal trainer for you may be very different than what works best for the next guy. I believe that there is a lot of misinformation about proper training, nutrition, and supplementation, and want to do my part to help clear some of it up.

As a trainer, I love helping my clients efficiently develop lean, muscular physiques that they once thought were out of reach. As a Boot Camp member, our trainers will personally help you shed fat, pack on pounds of muscle, and get in the best shape of your life. It isn’t difficult to find a personal trainer but it is tough to find one you will trust and enjoy working with. Premier Personal Training with Dennis Carroll is located in West Chester, PA and serves clients in West Chester, Downingtown and Exton.
West Chester Fitness Training Exercises for Busy Professionals7 Incredible Benefits of Regular ExerciseFind a Personal TrainerConfessions of an (aging) Adrenaline Junky Women's Bootcamps are here! A trainer will assess your needs and design a workout and diet plan that will quicken the process.
Seek to know whether they are happy with the results and the general personality of said trainer. If they do not offer a free trial session, hire just a session or two and determine if the trainer meets your expectations. Personal trainers are not necessarily nutritionist but they can advise on the type of diet that will be appropriate to maintain your physical fitness. Similar to supplement companies, where the FDA does not regulate all of them- there is no regulatory board for Personal Trainers. Which is typically done on a one-on-one level, has (should have) a proper progression and plan, is 100% tailored to the individual, and has unique goals centered around each training session that suite the individual. Unfortunately, because of the internet, fitness DVDs, and sub-par trainers, I think the actual price per hour of training has gotten a bad reputation. If you cannot perform a movement, your trainer should be able to provide a proper modification. But unfortunately, the general population wouldn’t know a shitty trainer if it hit them on the head with an unsafe workout- and that’s part of the problem! You will eventually get to the point where you find it necessary to spend at least a little bit of time with a personal trainer. Every client at Premier receives the individual training needed to successfully reach their goals.

A personal trainer will motivate and ensure that the client stays on track with things likeaerobics classes and diet. While trying to find a personal trainer, it is important to work out on a schedule that is convenient for both of you.
Some gyms cost the same price per hour of personal training no matter who your trainer is and no matter how many qualifications they have- this can make it tricky to decide if the trainer you’re paired with, or even the trainer that you chose, is right for you. Even if they are qualified, you’re paying money and spending a lot of time to be with this person- you should enjoy their company to a certain extent! They should be going on and on about WHY they are a personal trainer- and most importantly, they should be a trainer because they want TO HELP OTHERS, and not just because they themselves like to workout.
Asking for referrals will ensure you learn not only about qualified trainers but about the ones who do not have a great reputation as well.
By regularly keeping records of your progress in terms of weight measurements the trainer ensures you do not fall back on your fitness program.
Your trainer should be able to appreciate your personal beliefs pertaining fitness and its components. Keep in mind, just because a trainer knows how to put themselves through a workout does NOT mean that they know how to put YOU through a workout. They should have an unrelenting passion to want to help YOU achieve your health and fitness goals. When you do start interviewing trainers, ask them to put you in touch with other clients or references so that you can gauge their abilities.
Choose the trainer best able to work with you over the ones who try to stuff you into their preconceived workout box.
Based on the provided information, the trainer will recommend some foods and tell you to avoid others.
There are some aspects of fitness, like regular aerobic classes, that should be recommended by any serious trainer. Watching how they interact with others will make it easy to find a personal trainer with skills rather than one who simply wants to get paid.

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