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Personal training is our most popular services for one simple reason - it helps clients achieve the most dramatic results in the shortest period of time.
A successful training program should be equal parts scientific design and client effort - Our training system is so effective that it can be tailored to achiever fat loss, performance and rehabilitation goals.
A high-energy, 1-hour, woman's only, fat-loss weight training class using squat, chin-ups and sled drags. This men's only training program is for guys looking to boost testosterone, build muscle and improve strength.
Stronger is a Co-ed training class featuring Modified Strongman Training (MST) program with a emphasis on high intensity lifts and unique equipment pieces to help you achieve your fat-loss goals.
Core Fitness Chicago is one of the largest provide of Fascial Stretch Therapy in the country with level 1, 2 & 3 practitioners on staff.
At Hour of Change Fitness™, we emphasize all mental, physical, and spiritual components of personal fitness. In-home Personal Training: one-on-one fitness training at any location or setting; you set the date and time! Group Fitness Training: If your budget is tight set the date and time for group fitness training Chicago where we can design your next group personal training session.
The metropolitan city of Chicago is full of temptation and sin – especially with the deep dish pizzas on every corner.

Spring break is almost upon us and what better way to sculpt that beach body then to get some Chicago personal training to start those calories burning and your abs on the journey to six pack satisfaction. Whether you are new to training or an elite athlete, our training programs are custom designed based on the results of your physical assessment to deliver maximum results.
Though we are different than most health clubs, we do share the same camaraderie driven, high energy, motivating environments most people associate with crossfit, but will a little different twist, our programs are orthopedically sound providing a fun, intense yet safe environment for group training. Come experience a weight training environment that is big on camaraderie to help bust though barriers - unleash your potential - come Train Like Jane. Traditional lifts like the dead lift and squat, chin-ups, are paired with tire flips, sandbags and sled drags in a 1-hour training program utilizing relative strength and hypertrophy techniques to unleash your fat loss potential.
MST exercises including Tire flips, sledge-hammer swings, sled sprints and rope battles are just part of this intense class 1-hour training session.
Harry Eidenier Jr, the Blood Chemistry Analysis program provides a snapshot of your metabolic status, identifying areas of nutritional excess and deficiency from which personalized nutrition and supplementation recommendations are made. With a personal trainer in Chicago, you can still partake in a slice or two without feeling guilty later on. When your looking for private fitness lessons in Chicago there are many types of caloric burning workouts that will yield results from Zumba and cardio kickboxing to more intense workouts like Insanity and real MMA style training. A personal trainer will guide you through this process and give you the motivation necessary to continue forward.

We offer private fitness training in Chicago for people looking for a little more out of their work out session.
As you lose weight and gain more flexibility, the training will change to ensure you continue to see results.
Our nutritional programs make it easy, simply meet with a coach who will help identify your fat loss goals and determine the blocking factors that have prevented you from achieving your goals to this point, then organize a personalized plan to help you over come them.
Our Chicago personal training is based off of fight preparation workouts utilized by fighters getting ready for a bout. These have proven to be in the upper echelon of physical fitness workouts which our clients seek. Not only does our Chicago personal training programs yield fitness results but confidence and self defense as well which is a priceless result that has never brought a complaint. If your looking to push your self beyond limits or want a higher intensity workout program contact us for our private fitness training system for the best rewarding Chicago personal training. We also offer small group rates as well for families or co-workers looking for the ultimate Chicago personal training.

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