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Other nutrients Optional but important nutrients I also dispense to my ear infection patients are vitamin E, selenium plus the B complex. Diabetics and hypothyroid individuals should avoid beta-carotene supplements since they cannot convert beta-carotene to vitamin A.
Additionally it is the best ways to get as part of your iron, calcium, vitamin C and different important nutrients. Selenium is a great one to take with vitamin E, when they enhance each other’s absorption.

Deficiency of vitamin A allows micro organisms, to with less effort penetrate mucous membranes. For immune support to get eliminate ear infections, I recommend at the very least 10,000 IU of vitamin A or 15 mg of beta-carotene per day. In cases of confirmed vitamin A deficiency I recommend at the very least 20,000 IU every day.
Vitamin A really should not be taken in considerable amounts by women that are pregnant as higher amounts are associated with an increased likelihood of birth defects.

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