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Fill out the contact form below before purchasing my Online Personal Training Programs so we can discuss your specific goals & objectives to determine if this plan is right for you.
Julie was always there for me when I needed her and responded so quickly to every question I had, no matter how minor that question was. The absolute BEST part about working with Julie is her knowledge and how she combines being an athlete and being a REAL PERSON! Due to high demand we had to offer online services to individuals that are not able to train in person.
On-Line Personal Training exclusively for Women! This program is perfect for the woman who wants to get into her personal best shape, but is not interested in competing at this time.

I had heard about Julie for years and always thought that I would like to train with her, but the timing never seemed to be right. Julie provides great guidance to those who have been in the gym for years but, need redirection. I love that Julie was able to put together programs for me that I could do at home with the equipment I have!
I work with women across the country and around the world that are serious about their fitness goals!
Once I was cleared to workout again by my drs I started with Julie's online personal training program.

I was researching and looking for the best trainer for almost four weeks before I gave you a call because I wanted to find someone who was more focused on the people rather than the publicity and the glamor that seems to sometimes come with the fitness industry.

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