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The "fitness-age calculator," which determines your fitness age based on how physically fit you are (rather than how many years you've been around), was developed in 2013 by researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. While the average chronological age of the participants was 68, their average fitness age was a striking 43, The New York Times reported recently. The calculator works by taking information about where you live, your age and gender, how frequently you exercise, your heart rate, and your height and waistline measurements. Then, using these variables, the calculator comes up with something called your VO2max, a measure of how much oxygen your body can take in, measured in milliliters of O2 per kilogram of body weight per minute. At its core, the calculator shows that as long as a person is not overweight and exercises regularly, the chances of getting sick and dying at an earlier age lessen, Ehrlich said.

According to a recent Gallup survey, about 70% of people the US are either overweight or obese; so most Americans who try out the calculator would probably get a fitness age that's higher than their actual age. To see how weight gain could impact my fitness age, I increased my weight by 70 pounds and upped my waistline size by 10 inches.
The Norwegian team built an online calculator anyone can use to find out his or her 'fitness age,' or where the VO2 max falls on that standardized spectrum. Most recently, researchers tried out the calculator on athletes competing in the National Senior Games, a massive annual event with over 12,000 athletes ages 50 and over, competing from July 3 to July 16. Amy Ehrlich, a geriatrician at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, see what her thoughts on the calculator were.

After popping this info into the calculator, as well as some educated guesses about my waistline and resting pulse, it told me I had the fitness age of a 20-year-old.
It's perhaps the best measure we have of overall fitness, and one that's closely tied to general cardiovascular health.

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