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admin | Low Carb Meal Ideas | 31.01.2014
Frozen vegetables can be more nutritious than supposedly fresh supermarket produce, a study has found. Fresh vegetables can lose up to 45 per cent of important nutrients by the time they reach the dinner table.
Time spent in storage, in transportation and sitting on the shelves means it can be more than two weeks from the vegetables being picked to being eaten.
Eighty per cent of shoppers believe the fresh vegetables sold in supermarket are less than four days old.

Including the time these vegetables are stored at home before being eaten, these 'fresh' items can be more than 16 days old. One of the 4 key programs is focused on their health benefits and new research has revealed that many consumers regard everyday health benefits such as sustained energy, better immunity and stress management to have greater relevance to their immediate lives as well as significant value in helping them to navigate the category. A combination of consumer research and science has resulted in clear direction for health benefit educational resource development for production in year 2 and dissemination by established networks of health educators, processors and retailers. The key nutrients the vegetables contain are vitamin C and glucosinates, which are said to block the development of cancer.

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