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I missed tacos, they remind me of fun meals I used to make with my kids, and so I was very excited to see that Mrs.
You can see the nutrition information here, no salt, some sugar according to the ingredients list but not enough to put on the nutrition panel, and potassium chloride used instead of salt, or sodium chloride. But I still needed to track down other key ingredients in low-fat, low-salt forms, salsa and taco shells.

This entry was posted in ingredients, lean meat, no-salt and tagged Low salt, Mexican food, Salt free, tacos. All it takes is a pouch of Frontera Taco Skillet Sauce warmed with browned meat or chicken.
For a flavor that takes me straight back to my Southwest childhood, I simmer browned ground chuck with the richness of red chile, tomato and spices, wrap it in warm corn tortillas and enjoy some of the best tacos ever.

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