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Bison meat is a nutrient dense food because of the proportion of protein, fat, mineral, and fatty acids to its caloric value.
Rich in Vitamin B12, Selenium, Zinc and Phosphorus, bison meat is also an excellent source of Iron, Vitamin B6 and Niacin, all of which are recommended daily. Dieting during pregnancy is not advised as this will reduce the amount of nutrients available for the baby’s development. The table below summarises nutrients which are required for your baby’s development, as well as the foods that are rich in these nutrients.

Iron is required for blood formation in both mother and baby, while Vitamin C aids iron absorption and boosts the body’s immune system.
Calcium is required to develop strong bones and teeth, as well as healthy nerves and heart muscles in the baby, while Vitamin D aids calcium absorption. While fish is an important source of Omega-3, Vitamin B and other nutrients, some large fishes contain high levels of mercury due to environmental pollution. Vitamin D may be manufactured by the body just by having ten to 15 minutes of exposure to sunlight (although the noon-day sun should be avoided).

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