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Food Safety Focus (28th Issue, November 2008) – Food Safety Platform Nutrient and Health - Maintain Optimal Nutrient Intake Reported by Ms. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. I've always been curious about the attraction that shots of sugar and alcohol (peppermint schnaps, etc.) have for adolescent drinkers.
Here is my second offering of links to a few bits of work that I find interesting, but that are so far down my list of potential blog postings that they are unlikely to make it into a regular post, and might be of interest to some MindBlog readers.Cognitive fitness of cost-efficient brain functional networksSuperior task performance was positively correlated with global cost efficiency of the ?-band network (15-30 Hz) and specifically with cost efficiency of nodes in left lateral parietal and frontal areas.
Kim and Whalen publish an interesting study in the Journal of Neuroscience using diffusion tensor imaging to show that the structural integrity, or strength, of a pathway between the prefrontal cortex and the amygdala correlates with lower trait anxiety in individual subjects (the idea being that this pathway allows prefrontal cortex to inhibit amygdala reactivity to anxiety provoking stimuli).
New Caledonian crows, already known for clever tool-making in the wild and in the lab, are now shown to be able of using three tools in the correct order to bag a treat.
It is our goal that readers, with the basic knowledge on these nutrients, would be able to better apply the common nutrition education tools, such as food guide pyramid and nutrition labels. 25 issue of Science John Bohannon describes work of Oxford's Bernard Gesch and others studying prison populations for evidence of links between nutrition and violent behavior.
These results are consistent with biophysical models highlighting the importance of ?-band oscillations for long-distance functional connections in brain networks and with pathophysiological models of schizophrenia as a dysconnection syndrome. It has the support of gurus in the happiness field such as Martin Seligman, and offers its own particular set of happiness exercises and plans.

Assessing nutrient intake is an important part of health assessment at both the individual and population levels. There is evidence, obtained from both post-mortem human brains and from animal experiments, that persistent depression may involve long term chemical changes in gene-protein complexes called chromatin. Two previous studies have shown that prisoners given nutritional supplements committed ~35% fewer violent incidences than those given a placebo, and a more ambitious study of over 1,000 prisoners in three U.K. In a comparative fMRI study, we scanned a large cohort of human volunteers and untrained monkeys, as well as two monkeys trained to use tools, while they observed hand actions and actions performed using simple tools. In the wild, the crows (Corvus moneduloides) regularly fashion barbs and hooks from leaves and twigs to extract grubs from holes and crevices.
In both species, the observation of an action, regardless of how performed, activated occipitotemporal, intraparietal, and ventral premotor cortex, bilaterally. In this view, emotions such as anger or moral disgust lead people to disregard the immediate consequences of their behavior, committing them to behave consistently to preserve integrity and maintain a reputation over time as someone who is reliably committed to this behavior. In conclusion, while the observation of a grasping hand activated similar regions in humans and monkeys, an additional specific sector of IPL devoted to tool use has evolved in Homo sapiens, although tool-specific neurons might reside in the monkey grasping regions. To examine whether a causal link exists between voluntary alcohol consumption during adolescence and adult decision making the present studies used a rodent model.
A probability-discounting instrumental response task offered a choice between large but uncertain rewards and small but certain rewards to assess risk-based choice in adulthood either 3 weeks or 3 months following alcohol exposure.

Back then, health authorities from different places established recommended intake levels for nutrients as indicators of nutritional adequacy. Apparently, now we hear less about nutrient deficiency and starvation in our society, but more on obesity and chronic diseases as a result of malnutrition and sedentary lifestyle.
Furthermore, an upsurge of processed foods, increase in food fortification and the rapidly expanding use of dietary supplements have increased the risk of adverse health effects due to excessive intake.
These findings provide evidence that adolescent alcohol exposure may lead to altered decision making during adulthood and this model offers a promising approach to the investigation of the neurobiological underpinnings of this link. Furthermore, they are used as benchmarks to evaluate the nutritional status at the individual and population levels.
The UL is established when strong evidence supporting the relationship between a nutrient and the adverse effects is available.
One of the main reasons is that multiple risk factors, such as lack of physical activities and smoking, contribute to the development of a chronic disease.

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