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As part of the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1990 (NLEA), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) implemented regulations defining what terms may be used to describe the level of a nutrient in a food, as well as what claims could be made about the relationship between a nutrient or a food and the risk of a disease or health-related condition.
Health claims describe a relationship between a food substance and a disease or health-related condition. Nutritionally altered to contain at least 25% less of a nutrient, or of calories, than the reference food. General requirements for making a health claim.All products carrying a health claim must meet general requirements for levels of nutrients that may be associated with the risk of chronic disease. Types of health claims.Health claims can be made through third-party references (such as the National Cancer Institute), statements, symbols (such as a heart), and vignettes or descriptions.
One problem with DVs on food labels is that many foods, like breakfast cereals, are consumed by people with dramatically different individual nutrient requirements. Consequently, consumers had difficulty comparing foods based solely on the nutritional content of the products.
The claim is usually placed on the front side of the package so it is visible to the shopper wanting to make quick comparisons among food products.

Due to the nature of such claims and the complexity of the science upon which such claims are made, the FDA carefully regulates health claims. Food products with high levels of total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, or sodium are not allowed to make a health claim. Dietary Reference Intakes were introduced in 1997 when the IOM broadened its scope by including not only RDAs but also new nutrient-intake standards that apply to several life-stage and gender groups (see Table 1).
The NLEA served to level the playing field for manufacturers of nutritionally focused food products by providing a consistent definition of claims to assist consumers when shopping for food products. Under the provisions of NLEA, the FDA has approved twelve specific health claims, and also provided a framework for additional specific claims to be approved as nutritional science evolves. The passage of this law has provided an opportunity for additional health claims, and for food manufacturers to efficiently communicate to consumers information about the relationship between foods and health. Thus, DVs provide only a general guideline for comparison, and they won’t necessarily match the specific nutrient needs of the consumer of that product. The regulations spell out which nutrient content claims are allowed and under what circumstances they can be used.

Since NLEA, other processes have been established that allow food manufacturers a more efficient process to obtain approval for making a health claim.
The sodium content cannot exceed 360 mg (milligrams) for individual foods and 480 mg for meal-type foods. Label example 7 - Yogurt back panelThis report highlights selected preliminary findings based on data collected in the Experimental Study of Health Claims on Food Packages.
We were particularly interested in determining if consumers are still able to identify the nutrient responsible for the claimed benefit, and recognize that there are many food sources from which they can obtain the nutrient. The information enhances FDA's understanding of consumer responses to health claims and informs any policy initiative(s) that FDA may undertake in the future. Phase 1 collected information on respondent awareness of foods, nutrients, and foods' possible health benefits.

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