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When it comes to prevailing weight loss wisdom in the diet world, low carbohydrate diets are winning for their proven ability to help dieters shed pounds while curbing hunger.
How the Atkins diet works: Because you reduce your carbohydrates while boosting protein and fat, your body forms ketone bodies. Proponents of the low-carb Paleo, ketogenic, and Atkins diets slammed the new study blaming high-protein diets for causing cancer and early mortality as inaccurate and misleading. According to an 18-year study conducted by the University of Southern California, eating lots of animal protein and cheese quadruples cancer risk for middle-aged people and is as bad as smoking 20 cigarettes a day.
What's more, the study said people on high-protein diets were 74% more likely to die early than those who followed a low-protein diet. But Paleo diet advocates say the study confuses correlation with causation and doesn't take into account the amount of carbs the dieters in the study consumed. If a person who followed a high-protein diet also ate lots of junky carbs, it's no wonder they got cancer and died early, said Paleos, who underscored that the Paleo diet does not encourage milk or cheese consumption.

Paleo proponents also pointed out that the quality of animal proteins you eats makes a huge difference in your health. Atkins diet followers also criticized the high-protein diet study, saying Atkins is not a high-protein diet, but a low-carb, high-fat, moderate-protein eating plan. Contrary to widespread misconceptions, the Paleo and Atkins diets both recommend eating plenty of (non-starchy vegetables), in addition to high-quality animal proteins and fats. Meanwhile, more leading medical experts praise the low-carb, high-fat Atkins, ketogenic and Paleo diets for producing rapid weight loss without deprivation, reducing blood pressure, and preventing cancer, diabetes, heart disease, depression and Alzheimer's.
When you start the day with a carb-heavy breakfast, the morning can sometimes drag, causing you to reach for that second cup of coffee. You speed up weight loss while avoiding the desire to snack continually that can occur on high carbohydrate diets. According to low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) proponents like Atkins, ketogenic and Paleo dieters, a high-carb diet — not a high-protein diet — is the cause of weight gain, cancer, heart disease, dementia, and early death.

David Perlmutter, author of Grain Brain, says a low-carb, high fat ketogenic diet prevents and even reverses Alzheimer's and ADHD. Eric Westman, director of the Duke University Obesity Clinic, has seen thousands of patients experience dramatic weight loss on the low-carb, high-fat ketogenic and Atkins diets.
Try cutting down on carbs, and reach for one of these high-protein breakfast recipes instead.

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