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I only do low carb so I make chips out of chocolate low carb bars; just chop up in a nut grinder. When I was searching for an edible cookie dough that is safe to eat, all I could find where recipes with no eggs, which is OK. This recipe is, obviously, not raw, but it still has that soft, gooey texture of the raw cookie dough that people love so much. Thanks so much for the recipe, I’m a huge fan of uncooked dough but it’s seriously not good to eat so this is best of both worlds! I love chocolate and coconut together and in cookies it sounds fantastic I’ve never tried Swerve before let alone seen it.
Thank you for such a lovely, delicious diabetic friendly recipe for one of my family’s favorite cookies! Don’t let it cool in the pan, transfer it immediately to another bowl, because the pan is hot and the flour will continue cooking.

I’ve been making every low carb chocolate chip cookie recipe I can find to find that perfect cookie. My all time favorite chocolate chip cookie is a oatmeal chocolate chip cookie and from reading the ingredients it seems like this cookie would have a similar mouth feel. If you wanted you could use unsweetened chocolate and cut it into chips yourself OR just leave out the chocolate all together- in which case it will taste more like sugar cookie dough. Immediately transfer to another bowl because, if you live it in the pan, the flour will continue cooking and it could easily burn.
See we don’t have cookie dough in South Africa and my friends and I have had a crave for it ever since we saw it on TV.
I may have made four different batches in the past 48 hours… I eventually created my own that I adapted from my favorite high carb recipe. Well, at least I’m not tempted to eat a batch of chocolate cookies Anyway, I love your inspiring recipes and will continue to stop by!

I added the xylitol to this dough as it gives that little bit of gritty sugar texture that I think should be present in cookie dough.
The only issue with these goodies is to not overdo due to the abundance of Omega 6 fatty acids in the almond flour, plus they do have some carbs (and if not using a low carb chocolate chip, the sugar issue~minimal here though). I was surprised that they taste awesome straight out of the oven because most low carb cookies taste better after they have cooled.
I have not yet tested baking this cookie dough but I have a good feeling that it would work.

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