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Getting the right vitamins for hair growth is important for the overall health of your hair.
Probably best known for its usefulness in keeping skin, hair and nails healthy, vitamin B7 is necessary for cell growth, as well as supporting the neuromuscular system. Vitamin B7 is helpful for ensuring the proper functioning of the heart by relieving it from most crucial problems. Adding to the already long list, Vitamin B7 is also helpful in treating a number of diseases like Parkinson’s disease, Rett syndrome and vaginal candidiasis. The liver and all other organ meats make for the best dietary sources of biotin; other good sources are the yolk of eggs, peanuts, filberts and mushrooms, fruits like bananas, plants like soy and cauliflower.
The proper metabolization of the vitamin can be severely affected by certain very rare and inborn diseases - this leads to a rapid depletion of the stores of biotin in the body.
Vitamin B7 deficiency can be caused be eating raw egg whites over many years, as raw egg white contains a protein called avidin, which binds to vitamin B7.
People with genetic disorders, such as biotinidase deficiency, multiple carboxylase deficiency and holocarboxylase synthetase deficiency are also susceptible to vitamin B7 deficiency. When cooking, it is important to use fresh food, steam rather than boil and avoid overly long cooking times to preserve vitamins.

Vitamin B7 is a water-soluble vitamin, which means that any excess is excreted in the urine and faeces. Symptoms of vitamin B7 overdose include an increased urge to urinate, abnormal sweating frequency; and rapid nail and hair growth.
A condition called eosinophilic pleuropericardial effusion may result when excess vitamin B7 is ingested along with vitamin B5. The vitamin biotin works well with some of the other B vitamins, including the folic acid, the vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid as well as the vitamin B12 or cobalamin. Research has still to discover all the functional roles play by this vitamin in the human body, this is besides the fact that biotin's essential role in many bio-chemical actions in the human body has been for over half a century. Finally, it is a beneficial vitamin for the treatment of certain serious conditions like Crohn’s disease, and peripheral neuropathy. Even in individuals who consume a diet very low in this B vitamin, the presence of a dietary deficiency of biotin is quite rare.
This is because vitamin B is widely available in foods and is produced by bacteria in the intestine. The need for people using supplements of biotin to also supplement with these vitamins is however, not supported by any solid evidence.

Like the rest of the B vitamins, biotin helps energy metabolism, enzyme function, skin related health and nervous system health.
This vitamin is necessary to synthesize various fatty acids and a protein in the human body - it is also essential in the metabolism of carbohydrates from food. The biotin levels in the blood of pregnant women, for example, begins at far lower levels compared to other adults, the levels of this vitamin keep on decreasing as the term of pregnancy progresses.
This is why a person that experiences dry scalp or hair loss might be suffering from a deficiency of Vitamin B7 in their diet. Though very little is known about the real significance of these interactions, researchers think that the vitamin biotin and alpha lipoic acid could compete with each other in the body for the absorption or uptake into cells - the nature of such chemical interactions are still to be investigated. It is known that the thyroid and adrenal glands,  the nervous system, the reproductive system, and our skin depend on an sufficient supply of this vitamin.

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