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June 11, 2012 - Fearlessly Archived - Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed. Introduction~~~~~~Well I like to think of myself as a bit of a crisp connoisseur as I regularly sit down with a cravat and a velvet jacket comparing the flavours of those bits of potato goodness, ok so I'm getting a little carried away but it's safe to say I love crisps and tortilla chips too. Both my husband and I are definitely more partial to savoury snacks rather than having a particularly sweet tooth and we will quite often share a bowl of tortillas with some salsa which for me is not too high in weight watchers points as far as snacls go (and in fact if I make the salsa myself it has 0 points value!).Generally I buy the doritos lightly salted as they are our favourite but I happened to notice these on the very bottom shelf in the crisps aisle while I was doing the shopping the other week and at the bargain price of 50p for a 200g bad they were less than half what we would normally pay. I love to have tortilla chips every so often either to just dunk in some dip or to make some nachos at home like I did tonight.
I love Tortilla chips whether eating them as crisps takes my fancy or dipping them in summat or other so when I saw this rather large bag for 50p I couldn't resist purchasing them for a late night snack whilst watching a dvd in bed one cold and rainy night!The Packaging:See-through plastic packet and on the front there is a square of white and green colour and on that in black, white and green writing I am told they are Asda 'Smart Price' Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips and that they are suitable for Vegetarians and that they contain no artificial colours, flavours or hydrogenated fats and that they are made using sunflower oil. We have been buying Asda smart price tortilla chips for years now, they are a staple in our household. I purchased some of these chips because I have recently started to make my own nachos and like to keep my food budget relatively low whilst still enjoying my favourite foods. Tortilla chips are a fantastic snack; enjoy them straight from the bag in front of a movie, or dress them up with cheese, sauces and other ingredients to create a more substantial meal to share with mates! Tortilla Chips is something I always have at home; not only great as a snack in front of the TV but also a good ingredient for Mexican dishes. Smart price will be the lowest price option available, although the difference may only be very small.
When shopping the other day I fancied some tortilla's but didn't have enough on me for a pack of Dorito's which are my favourite so I resigned myself to buying the smart price version instead, at 50p for a 200g pack I wasn't too bothered if I didn't like them as they are quite a bargain.
I figured in the spirit of shifting down a brand we would give them a try.The packaging is very basic and is in the green and white smart price colours, the bag is see through so you can at least see when purchasing that you have not picked up a bag containing smashed ones as I have done in the past. Also I have found that the more expensive brands with the more famous names are now in the region of ?2 for 225g which is astronomical compared to the 46p you pay for 200g of the smart price, so I thought I would give the smart price tortillas a try, You don't get any choice in flavour other than salted though, so it won`t be my choice every time as I do love the cheese flavoured ones, but for only 46p for 200g it was too good to not attempt to even try them.

The Packaging~~~~~~As with all smart price items the packaging is rather bland and boring but I guess that's the point of the brand, it comes in a see through plastic bag with a white and green square on the front that simply has Asda then underneath Light Salted Tortilla Chips.
These are much of a muchness nutrition wise with their much higher priced alternatives with a 35g serving containing 192 calories and 1.1g of sat fat.
They are really just the same as any normal Doritos that you get, expect they simply come in one flavour, plain, while Doritos come in other flavours such as chilli heatwave. It is clear so that you can see the chips and they look the same as any other tortilla chip really yellow almost triangles with lots of bits in them (corn). These tortilla chips were around 50p for a 200g bag, which is brilliant value to be fair, so if they turned out to be a bit rubbish then it wasn't a total waste of money!Packaging - the usual Smartprice green and white as above in the picture. Happily as the packet it see through, you can check out how appealing the chips are before you purchase them, not as good as foil for keeping them fresh though, peg over bag needed. The first thing that I decided to change was my nibbles, I always put a big bowl of doritos on every table, but I had noticed the smart price lightly salted tortilla chips and at only 50p a bag I decided that I was going to give them a go. However, it does rip quite easily!However, the best thing about this product has to the price - just 50p for 200g of tortilla chips which should probably be about 3 servings, so very good value especially when you think that the branded version is at least double the price.
This was far cheaper for me than using a Nachos kit (as I usually would) and I already had cheese in the fridge and salsa from a fajitas kit that I brought in Asda as well. The product itself was indeed appealing; like any other tortilla chips they are triangular, a nice golden yellow colour with those little black bits you get in leading brands. There are many ways to use them, here are 3 of the best - Serve with chilli con carne instead of rice and use to scoop up the chilli. The chips were very crunchy and a little plain if sampled alone, however, as the base for my nachos they were delicious, soft where the salsa and cheese was and hard where there was only cheese. I have since tried to make cheesy nachos with them and they were okay, although they went a little stodgy and were not quite as good as I had anticipated, so I do prefer the more expensive brands for this purpose.

When the pack was open I wasn't greeted with an over powering smell and they didn't look or feel too salty, so I delved my hand in and popped one into my mouth and I was pleasantly surprised the chip was a bit more crunchy and chewy than the other brands but they have a nice wheaty flavour to them and you could taste the salt but again it wasn't too over powering although I do have to say after eating half a bag I was beginning to not be able to feel my lips which I didn't like. The packaging states that it is sunflower oil they are baked in which is the same as Doritos - we wondered whether maybe we had a rogue batch which just had too much oil on them.Anyway, overall these are pretty impressive for the price and they certainly make snacking more affordable! The chips themselves had a delicious flavour, it wasn't lacking anything despite being so cheap. Though for a dipping chip these are a great cheaper alternative to the exceeding expensive brands on the market. Overall I really enjoyed the whole bag (not to myself though I did share them, honest) and I've been wondering why I pay all that money for a brand now these are just as good and less than half the price.
Put into an ovenproof dish, sprinkle grated cheese on top then add salsa to the top of that, grill for around 5 minutes and you will have some great nachos! The nachos were delicious (as good as any restaurant I've had them in) and I really felt pleased knowing I'd made them myself (not that they're a hard dish but I'm normally not very adventurous!). I love their dark colour, they seem to scream 'hey we are crunchy and well baked!' There's nothing worse than pale tortilla chips that get soggy as soon as you dip them in sauce.They are advertised as 'lightly salted' but I think they could use a bit more salt - but I really love the salty taste so I guess it's just me.
As they are not to strongly flavoured the tortilla chips are the perfect base for many dishes and not only nice eaten on their own.
This is quite disturbing when you realise how easy it is to scoff the lot over a few glasses of vino!!After trying this brand of tortilla chips.

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