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Many people take a multivitamin because they want to ensure their body is receiving the vitamins and minerals needed to keep them healthy and strong. With multivitamins, however, it appears there is no magic pill guaranteed to produce results expected by consumers. In addition, it is believed multivitamins might do more harm than good, despite they are often marketed to offer multiple benefits. An additional warning with regard to not using a multivitamin containing certain vitamins resulting in excessive amounts involves medical research linking vitamin E supplements to an increased risk of lung cancer. It is best for the body to absorb vitamins and minerals naturally through foods instead of using a multivitamin. In fact, the jury is still out on whether multivitamins even work at all due to that industry not being strictly regulated and having no medical reports confirming efficacy.

The public, therefore, should become educated about multivitamins to ensure they are not potentially setting themselves up for the occurrence of adverse effects later down the road.
Another example of why the public should know what is in their multivitamin relates to a study involving women who suffered health issues and were taking multivitamins containing iron. Mega-doses of folate, which is plentiful in most foods, could possibly promote colon cancer, so the additional folate found in multivitamins could push men, in particular, into the danger zone. For example, a study conducted by the University of Washington reports the use of multivitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E and folate did not reduce the risk of lung cancer. When taking multivitamins just for the sake of it, those vitamins and minerals might exceed what the body needs and could potentially be damaging. In a recent study backed up by the National Institute of Health and which was published at Diabetes Care, findings showed that using multivitamins provided very little benefit in reducing a person’s risk for type 2 diabetes.

The details that were gathered from them include variables regarding their multivitamins intake as well their demographics. My reaction to too much Selenium was a very painful rash, luckily this caused me to stop taking the multivitamin before I ended up damaging my heart.

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