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Metformin is a widely perscribed drug for the treatment of diabetes and is often used off label for the treatment of prediabetes and insulin resistance. Insulin is an anabolic storage hormone produced by the beta cells in both a basal and a pulsatile fashion in response to food intake. When we were evolving, the theory is that insulin was necessary because we lived a life of feast and famine. Insulin resistance is an impaired response to endogenous or exogenous insulin in cells, tissues (especially skeletal muscle and adipose tissue), the liver, or the whole body.[1,2] Many investigators believe that insulin resistance is an important factor in the development of the metabolic syndrome.
Insulin resistance affects several organ systems and predisposes patients to several metabolic disorders.
A number of investigators have looked at metformin as a treatment for weight loss, particularly in the presence of insulin resistance. In addition to suppressing hepatic glucose production, metformin increases insulin sensitivity, enhances peripheral glucose uptake, increases fatty acid oxidation,[7] and decreases absorption of glucose from the gastrointestinal tract. Table 1 is a list of randomized, controlled trials that examined the body weight of subjects with type 2 diabetes suboptimally controlled on diet. Metformin is a widely used drug for the treatment of diabetes and the off-label treatment of prediabetes, metabolic syndrome, and insulin resistance. Metformin does remain a cornerstone of therapy for diabetes and is often used as first-line therapy. 8.    Effect of intensive blood-glucose control with metformin on complications in overweight patients with type 2 diabetes (UKPDS 34). In addition to its primary use, metformin has often been cited as having weight loss benefits.

Connections between insulin resistance and other aspects of the metabolic syndrome, such as dyslipidemia, hypertension, prothrombotic state, and glucose intolerance, are complex. Assuming the metabolic effects of insulin resistance are in play years before a numeric diagnosis of diabetes, it is easy to see how the physiologic insults can occur prior to any awareness of the metabolic disarray. As an adjunct to other therapies in diabetes metformin may mitigate weight gain seen with thiazolidinediones (TZDs) and sulfonylureas. Thus, in a subgroup of women with PCOS, those who with obesity who are taking high doses of metformin for greater than two months, may show a weight loss benefit.
While prevention of diabetes in a high-risk population is seen with the use of metformin, the old standard of lifestyle modification appears to be more efficacious. Overall, metformin appears to be a relatively weight-neutral drug, with some evidence of modest weight loss effect. Mechanisms of action of metfromin in type 2 diabetes and associated complications: an overview. The effect of metformin on the metabolic abnormalities associated with upper body fat distribution BIGPRO study group. Evaluation of the safety and efficacy of sibutramine, orlistat and metformin in the treatment of obesity.
Metformin reduces weight, centripital obesity, insulin, leptin, and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in non diabetic, morbidly obese subjects with body mass index greater than 30.
The preventive effect of acarbose and metformin on the progression to diabetes mellitus in the IGT population: a 3 year multicenter prospective study. This article reviews the concept of insulin resistance as it pertains to body weight and the effects of meformin on body weight in subgroups of patients with and without diabetes.

Insulin also regulates gluconeogenesis along with processes, such as protein synthesis and lipogenesis. AMPK most likely also plays a role as metformin administration increases AMPK activity in skeletal muscle.
The landmark UKPDS study[8] seems to indicate that metformin exerts benefit in not gaining weight rather than in losing weight. We can also conclude that as an adjunct to insulin, metformin may ameliorate weight gain associated with insulin use (perhaps in part by lowering insulin dosing by improving sensitivity).
Metformin appears to mitigate the weight gain seen by other agents used for the treatment of diabetes.
Table 2 is the Diabetes Progression and Outcomes trial.[9] As is evident, while there is a significant weight gain with rosiglitazone, the effect of metformin on weight is negligible. At this time, using metformin as a primary weight loss agent in the nondiabetic population appears to be unwarranted in the majority of subpopulations. However, there is also little to indicate a marked or significant weight loss in the groups receiving metformin relative to placebo.

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