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Orange juice and blood orange zest give an unexpected twist to the classic sweet potato chip. It’s quick and easy to make your own pita chips, and this recipe tells you the how much of each spice is optimal for seasoning. Known as the “potato of the tropics,” taro is a purple root vegetable that’s a good source of vitamins B6 and C. Asian-inspired seasoning made of miso paste and sesame seeds will take time to make, but the savory umami flavor is sure to get your taste buds’ attention. If you don’t have an oven or a dehydrator, you can still make homemade chips with minimal equipment and ingredients.
Sweet potatoes and red beets create an interesting (and delicious) flavor combination in these chips. Veggie chips are a great way to snack while keeping your diet on track, but they're not always quick or easy to make. Yellow beets aren't something you can easily convince a child to eat — unless they're disguised as a snack they love. There’s no substitute for the crave-worthy flavor and satisfying texture that make carb-centric snacks so delicious.

If you need to use more than one baking sheet, make sure to adjust the 20-minute bake time accordingly.
Eat these sophisticated chips au natural or class them up for a party by using them as a crunchy base for salmon tartare. To prevent burning, make sure you keep a close eye as your sweet potato slices bake for 8 minutes or so since some microwaves emit an uneven amount of power.
They can also be made from any number of vegetable depending on the type of flavor and texture you prefer. Considering making your own carrot chips or sweet potato crisps is as easy as getting the vegetable, cutting it thin , seasoning it, and baking it, there's no reason to empty your wallet for a tasty alternative to potato chips.
These sweet potato chips cook in the microwave, meaning they can be on your plate in five minutes or less. These yellow beet chips look a lot like the chips they're used to, but they're much healthier.
The salt and vinegar in this recipe gives just enough flavor to make them addictive, and the garlic yogurt dip makes for a surprisingly great pairing.
But store-bought chips are usually fried in an unhealthy amount of oil, which packs a significant amount of fat.

Use an empty can or cup to make circular pita rounds, press them into muffin tins and voila!
They also include some delicious dipping sauces that would go well with the veggie chips, like a jalepeno-cilantro yogurt spread and a white bean and edamame hummus. Instead, try baking your own homemade chips by using vegetables, fruits and whole-wheat pitas. Admittedly those dips probably also take a bite out of the health benefits of making your own veggie chips, but they definitely boost the flavor. We’ve rounded up this list of healthier chip recipes that will certainly cure your case of munchies.

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