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The vegetable cut selected for a particular dish must complement the dish it is being used for. Chiffonade: Finely sliced or shredded green leafy vegetables, usually lettuce or spinach, used as a base, garnish or in soups.
Matignon: Roughly cut vegetables cooked in butter with ham, thyme and bayleaf, finished by deglazing the pan with a little Maderia. Mirepoix: A mixture of roughly-chopped vegetables used as a base for sauces or to enhance the flavour of meat, fish and shellfish dishes.

Slicing: Cutting into very thin pieces so that it may be translucent for some vegetables or thick depending upon the purpose. Roundels: Cutting any type of vegetables or fruits in round shape with the help of knife or any type of cutting tools.
Diagonal Cut: It is a type of cutting in which long strips of vegetables are cut into diagonal cuts by holding the knife at 45*.
A macedoine vegetables is very much the same as mirepoix, but the vegetables are cut into a much smaller and neater dice shape.

A mirepoix of vegetables is very much the same as macedoine, but the vegetables are cut into larger dice shapes. In order to cut economically, the shape of the vegetable will decide which shape to choose.

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