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I was both shocked and amazed to find out I could not find a cinnamon banana bread that was low carbs. Using a 1 pound capacity bread machine, combine ingredients according to order given in bread machine manual.
I just made this last week and added jalapenos to my bread machine as it was mixing, and it is awesome! Oroweat 100% Whole Wheat Light: Jorge mentions this bread in the book and it is readily available in most major chain grocery stores (Safeway, Krogers, etc).

Ezekiel Bread: This bread is mentioned in the book, and Jorge frequently uses it in his recipes. Henry's Market Sprouted Low Carb Flaxseed: Well, if you live near a Henry's Market, I am totally jealous! Along with this bread, which my BFC Buddy Dave says is the best, this chain carries so many great BFC items. The whole loaf only contains about 20 carbs, so when you slice it, divide the total carbs by the number of slices.

It is the only bread I know of that has 0 Sugar and my BFC twitter buddy John recommends it!

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