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I'm going to start sharing some Food Blog Finds with you once a week or so on Kalyn's Kitchen.
I grant permission for photos and recipe links to be copied to social media and other sites, but not recipe text.
Farro is an ancient grain with an amazingly low GI, which will deliver you energy for longer.
Farro is probably my favourite cereal, but I have been told that freekeh has a low GI too, it could be fun for you to change sometimes! I adore my desserts and baking (as my blog would suggest!) but don’t eat a lot of them in the week.

A handy tip to know: lemon juice or vinegar added to your meal lowers the blood sugar response. I love the collection of healthy recipes and I think it's great you get to showcase some of your fellow bloggers. About this blogLiving in Florence, Tuscany for over 7 years has taught me a few things about Italian cuisine. Here, I share the anecdotes, techniques and history behind some favourite traditional regional recipes.
Anyway, my local Italian deli stocks it now so all is good but freekeh and quinoa (both excellent low GI foods too and delicious) you see a lot more often here on menus and in shops!

The right carbohydrates will break down slowly, fuel your body for longer and keep your blood sugar levels lower or at least balanced, a concept known as the Glycemic Index.

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