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Frozen Fruit SaladFrozen Fruit SaladBananas and grapes become a delicious, dessert-like snack when frozen. Snacking is a vital part of a healthy eating plan, but it can be dangerous if you’re not careful since the calories afterwards from the snacks add up fast.
Fruit is a weightwatcher’s friend because it tastes good, contains water and roughage, and also contains a low calorie count. Cottage cheese provides a post breakfast snack that will keep you energized until lunch hour.to add extra fibre to it, serve it with a sliced cucumber.

Take S’Mores to reduce fat graham crackers and you can also sandwich a toasted jumbo marshmallow drizzled with fat-free chocolate syrup. But before you grab that big bag of potato chips or crisps, ask yourself if you really want all that fat!
Taking a piece of an apple and dipping it to a fat free caramel provides a healthy dose of crunchy sweetness. And then read through my quick list of seven low-fat salty snacks, and choose one of these, instead!

They’re available in most vending machines, so you can snack guilt-free no matter where you are.

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