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If your next meal seems hours away, choose one of these diabetic snacks to ease those hunger pains.
If you need a pick-me-up between meals, a snack with 15-20 grams of carbohydrate is often the answer. For a super quick snack anyone will love, toast half of a round whole grain sandwich thin and top with a couple tomato slices, one sliced fresh mushroom, and a couple tablespoons of shredded reduced-fat mozzarella cheese.
For a low-fat snack that's sure to please, cut 1 ounce of thinly sliced deli ham into long strips and fold the slices accordion style. Rye crisps make an all-star snack because they are fat-free, low in sodium, and oh, so crunchy. Dried apricot halves are a humble little snack, but eight of them will satisfy your sweet tooth and provide 20 percent of your daily vitamin A needs.
If you're hungry for a snack, grab one small orange and get a juicy dose of vitamin C as well as fiber, which helps keep blood glucose under control. With the busy life of today, snacking is a necessity for one to stay productive throughout the day. Use vegetables, proteins, fats and fruits, on top of the carbohydrates to prepare your snacks.

There are various low carb snack ideas, just look around your kitchen and make a simple combination of the available healthy foods and you are good to go.
Whether you're looking to balance out meals or shed a few kilos, try snacking on some of these low-carb snacks throughout the day. For an easy snack, make this Paleo meatball recipe ahead of time, and pop them in your fridge or freezer for easy prep when cravings strike. I found your blog by searching for low carb dark chocolate almond recipes and can’t wait to try that one as well.
For someone with diabetes, it's important to eat a fiber-filled and nutrient-rich snack to curb the appetite before the next meal, says Angela Ginn-Meadow, a registered dietitian and a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. Combine 2 ounces of drained water-packed light tuna with 1 teaspoon light mayonnaise and 1 teaspoon Dijon-style mustard, and spoon the mixture atop 2 rye crisps for a satisfying snack packed with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.
Spread onto a slice of toasted whole grain bread and top with a couple of tomato slices for a snack that is packed with flavor and fiber. For a creamy dip to serve with a cup of fresh strawberries -- which will provide 150 percent of your daily vitamin C needs -- stir together 1 tablespoon light cream cheese and 1 tablespoon low-sugar orange marmalade. Without snacks you cannot function well because of the low sugars that will creep in lowering your energy levels.

Snacking can be done mid morning and mid afternoon to help you get rid of fatigue, inability to concentrate, cravings for inappropriate foods, or even overrating your next meal.
Please your palate with a rainbow of phytonutrients as well as a zingy dipping sauce that transforms these raw veggies into a scrumptious snack. Since we cannot afford the leisure of sitting down to eat a whole meal any time we are hungry, snacking is the way to go. Learning to prepare them yourself will help you avoid buying snacks like crackers and crisps that are always full of refined carbohydrates which are a source of bad carbohydrates.
Also make sure your snacks are readily available when needed be it at home, in the office or when you are traveling.
Most people though think snacking is just taking some carbohydrates or sugar to boost your energy and that’s it.

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