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The reason glycemic load makes a difference in the health of the skin in women is that all the extra glucose released into the bloodstream by the digestion of food has to go somewhere—and the place it goes is the ovaries.The burning of sugar inside a cell releases free radicals that can damage DNA. Losing weight would be a lot easier if we could just find ways to control our addictions to carbohydrates. A pilot study to determine the short-term effects of a low glycemic load diet on hormonal markers of acne: httpa nonrandomized, parallel, controlled feeding trial.

More testosterone circulates unbound and ready to be converted into a form that stimulates the production of sebum in the skin.As with women, excess oil production in the skin of men does not immediately lead to acne.
Some of the testosterone circulates to the skin, where it can increase production of sebum, which clogs pores.
The pores that produce excess oil are usually actually clogged by clumps of dead skin cells, and stress on the skin, not acne bacteria, is what causes blackheads and whiteheads to morph into pimples.

But candy bars and similar sugary treats are not necessarily good for people who have acne, either.A more modern understanding of the interrelationship between sugar and acne involves the concept of "glycemic load," the total amount of digestible carbohydrate people consume in their daily diets.

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