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If you’ve struggled with bloating a lot and have played around with your diet to try to manage it, you may have made some surprising discoveries. Obviously though, one cannot live on a diet of refined carbs – particularly if one is gluten intolerant or sensitive to gluten or wheat (thankfully, I am not). Make sure your next meal is simple, spice-free, low in salt and won’t irritate your belly.
I decided to try a low carb, high fat diet last year after a particularly bad sugar binge, and the results blew me away.
Then about a month later, my birthday rolled around, and I decided to treat myself – and for me, treating myself ALWAYS means food, never shoes or handbags or teacup pigs. What I’d been struggling to understand was why this diet had worked so well the first time, and not when I tried to get back onto it in Jan.
When I was first diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, I read loads and loads of blogs and forums and really anything the Google results returned. First up was SCD, and I believe it did great things for my body, flushing it of toxins and giving it a good long time to just recover. None of it stopped the diarrhoea, at least for any significant period of time – and that of course is because I was in the midst of an aggressive flare, and I needed cortisone, and then long-term medication to manage it.
For me, the answer so far has been meds first, diet second, but always focusing on eating healthily. In an effort to find an eating plan that helped me manage my IBD, I tested a lot of different healing diets in 2014 (hence this blog). It might seem like I’ve cut almost every type of food from my diet, but that’s really not the case – not if you know how to eat clean. I tend to jump around and try different eating plans that work for me, so there isn’t one specific diet that I’m following.
You need to find a diet that works for you, and if it doesn’t fit into the framework of any specific healing diets, make it up.
If you have any other tips to share for sticking to your diet this festive season, please share them! Pet owners and veterinarians have long debated whether a dry food or wet food or combination diet is best for your cat.

Dry food is generally higher in carbohydrates than wet food according to the numerous articles I’ve researched on the low carb cat food topic. For example, if I eat white bread and rice, pasta and even pizza, I experience very little bloating. For  several days, I gorged myself on chocolate, cake, wine, bubbly and all the carbs that were within arm’s reach. I found that many, many people were successfully treating their autoimmune diseases through diet, and I wanted in.
Next up I tried autoimmune paleo for a while, and struggled with it (it was just too restrictive, so I kept cheating and bingeing, and then guilting myself and it was ALL TOO MUCH). This has been my experience (this in particular I think is more due to diet than medication, but obviously the meds must help). I used to drink a ton of diet cooldrinks as well as multiple cups of tea and coffee every day, each sweetened with low-calorie sugar replacements. Both nutritionalists that I’ve been to have strongly recommended I remove gluten from my diet, even though I’m not coeliac. I cut dairy out for about a year, so I think that gave my body some much-needed recovery time. I knew that they were causing me intestinal discomfort, but I ignored it until I was incredibly ill, and then it was the first thing my nutritionalist cut from my diet. But for the most part, I avoid anything packaged (unless it has just one or two ingredients, like tomato paste made only from tomatoes and salt).
When I’ve tested it, I haven’t had a problem with it, but that said, I’m trying to eat clean, and without gluten in my diet, I feel healthier, lighter and less bogged down. My diet sustains me, makes me feel full, healthy and, most importantly, not bloated and kak (that’s a wonderful South African term for which there isn’t really a translation, but look it up anyway). Some diets will tell you that dry wines and vodka are okay (this is the only spirit I drink), while others (autoimmune paleo, for example) will ban all alcohol. Speaking of ice-cream, one of the surest ways to feel like you’re missing out is by being forced to skip the dessert part of proceedings. However, the health of cats needs to be considered as well, and for cats that are diabetic, a low carbohydrate cat food is recommended.

Ginger, chamomile and peppermint are particularly favoured for bloating, or you could try drinking some lemon water. I drank diet drinks, which isn’t advised, and once or twice I dipped into the remnants of the hot chocolate powder. Lower down is a list of all the things I can (and am) eating and drinking now, a year later.
I don’t eat takeaways, sweets, chips or cheap chocolates (when I do have chocolate, I usually go for good quality bars with a high cocoa content). Now that my IBD is under control, and I’ve been lactose-free for so long, I’ve found that I can eat certain dairy products in limited amounts without experiencing horrible side effects. I can’t – which is a particularly serious problem for someone who shouldn’t be eating most of the constituents of those two three six slices of it.
But mostly, it’s a clean, healthy diet devoid of unhealthy packaged foods and excess sugar.
Again, there is the occasional instance in which I slip up, but the norm is for me not to include these items in my diet. Sugar is responsible for all manner of horrible illnesses, and for me, given the fact that my GI tract is already compromised, there’s no need for it. In fact, forcing yourself to think like this every day will make it a habit, and you’ll soon start to feel less hard done-by and more satisfied and happy in your choices. Then for a while, I lived on boiled eggs and basmati rice because it was all my tummy could handle. Only Natural Pet Store: low-carb-canned-cat-food The right cat food and diet is important regulation tool when.

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