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If you need a pick-me-up between meals, a snack with 15-20 grams of carbohydrate is often the answer. For a low-fat snack that's sure to please, cut 1 ounce of thinly sliced deli ham into long strips and fold the slices accordion style. Rye crisps make an all-star snack because they are fat-free, low in sodium, and oh, so crunchy.

Next time those hunger pangs hit, pick a frozen sugar-free fruit bar--it will treat your sweet tooth and might also have extra vitamin C. A lot of low carb eaters are always in the market for new snack foods to have in their desks at work or in the kitchen at home. The chipotle flavor has 0g total carbs and the wasabi flavor has 0.2g, which I feel is basically zero.

For a creamy dip to serve with a cup of fresh strawberries -- which will provide 150 percent of your daily vitamin C needs -- stir together 1 tablespoon light cream cheese and 1 tablespoon low-sugar orange marmalade.

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