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Now, odds are you’re going to have more meat and veggies than will fit in your shells, so you can either get another package of provolone to make twice as many shells, or you can do what I did and make taco salads!!!!
We make tacos with everything, roast pork, left over pot roast (very good after you spice it up mexican style), shredded chicken. Filed Under: Diet and Exercise, Dinner Recipes, Low Carb About RobinLiving and working in two different places present many problems but I prefer to see them as opportunities.
I frequently make fish tacos, I really like salmon tacos and I use coleslaw rather then lettuce and I use a little tartar sauce.

Listed on the box is 4 per shell however years ago I remember reading that they had 1 effective carb per shell. I will give you one tip though that will take your typcial ground beef tacos to another level. If they had 4 effective carbs per shell and I ate 8 of them, that would be 32 carbs, way over my limit. A few years back I stumbled on a low carb taco shell that claimed to be authenitc and low carb.

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