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Eating Out: This might just be the toughest part of a low carb diet, whether traveling or just going out to eat with friends. I brought portioned zip bags of almonds, walnuts and beef jerky and usually have these for lunch. Well, I hope your time in Europe was amazing I was lucky to live in The Netherlands for five months this past year and miss the food and people..
I am sorry about your diagnosis and hope you do have the energy to make some of the snacks to take with you. I absolutely love yor website and recommend it to everybody with whom I am talking about Low Carbing. New Primal has some good low carb jerky, and Grass Run Farms has beef sticks that are grassfed and gluten-free.
Although I usually drink my coffee unsweetened, a cappuccino after dinner with a little sweetener is a great low carb dessert.
I love the little packs that come from Bacon’s Heir as they are the perfect size for traveling. They are baked to the point of being crisp and dry, and can be stored unrefrigerated for a week or even a little beyond. Crackers: Although homemade low carb crackers can be a little on the fragile side, I find they travel well if kept in a hard-sided container.

Nut & Coconut Snacks: Save a little money and this way you can flavour them whatever way you want!
When you are in Nurnberg, you should visit Soulfood Low Carberia, Germanys first Low Carb Cafe where you can get supplies for the rest of your trip.
Here are the best tricks to stay the course and the best low carb snack ideas to take with you!
Even when staying at home, you need to think ahead and make sure you have all you need for success.
Depending on the size of the airport(s) and the length of the flight(s), you may have to rely solely on your snack items. If your room has a fridge and a microwave, you could even whip up some low carb mug cakes for breakfast or dessert. With salads, make sure you check the label on the dressing, as that’s often where many unnecessary carbs come in. But there are some that are drier, hold up well to traveling and can keep for a week or so. However, I had taken these with me several times and they hold up well for shorter trips (3 or 4 days at most).
I’ve also picked up snow peas, grape tomatoes and other hand held veggies at small market stalls and had these for lunches and snacks, too.

I?m sure, Jasmin would be very happy to serve you some of her wonderful Low Carb cupcakes and other goodies. The Danube is so low, we couldn’t sail here and so we just bussed in today so we could catch our flight home. But it’s even more critical when venturing out into the big wide world, full of carbs and sugars. Just TODAY I prayed for some ideas to stay somewhat on plan and here you are with all your great tips. This experience of a lifetime has been a long time in the making, and something my husband and I have been promising to ourselves for ages.
If you carry some of your own low carb treats to ward off temptation, it will be that much easier to stick to the plan. There’s often cheese and butter so crackers are critical since most items are high carb. I’ve become a pretty good low carb traveler lately, packing things to help stay the course while away from home.

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