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On my first day at the event, which was at the Las Vegas Aria Resort & Casino, I passed by all the cafes and such full of huge carb displays, and went for a full breakfast. Today, the top three countries in Europe for new low carbohydrate food and drink product launches are France, accounting for 17% in 2013, followed by Germany and Spain, accounting for 15% of NPD share respectively.
Furthermore, it seems high protein is aiding the comeback of low carb with European new product launches in the food and drink category carrying both a low carb and high protein claim growing by 57% between 2008 and 2013.
I limit my protein to 20% of my daily calories usually, as I eat LCHF (low carb, high fat).
I just get confused about how many carbs I can eat in a day and how to subtract the protein from the carbs. I hope these photos give you some ideas and inspiration for eating low carb on the go, out and about, on the road and at restaurants or social events.
Laura Jones, Food Science Analyst at Mintel, said: “Low carb diets were made famous with the advent of the Atkins diet, which reached its peak in popularity in 2004.

And then deconstructed the mini sandwiches into a a great low carb meal of meats & cheeses. But while low carbohydrate diets may have peaked around 2004, according to new research from Mintel, it seems they may be experiencing a resurgence in Europe. I have, almost 4 years now, and I haven’t had them checked by my health has improved dramatically since going low carb. Many of our members had high cholesterol and high blood pressure and other issues prior to going low carb – and have seem drastic improvements as well. As recent launch of low carb options across Europe started to include a wider range of products normally associated with carbohydrates, this is said to be one of the drivers behind the recent resurgence in the launch of low carb food and drink products across Europe,” added Laura. What is more, the most popular categories are those traditionally associated with carbs – in 2013, 10% of new low carbohydrate food and drink launches were pasta products, 10% baking ingredients or mixes, 9% bread and 8% snack, cereal and energy bars.
As well as communicating the low carb content of the products, the presence or absence of other nutrients is also highlighted, with high protein claims positioning products as more than just low carb alternatives,” Laura continues.

I brought tuna, vienna sausages, leftover bacon, a couple of Atkins bars, and some sugar free candies. Indeed, Mintel’s research reveals new food and drink product launches with low carb claims in Europe have doubled (+95%) between 2008 and 2013.
This year, in Europe, of total new product introductions making a protein claim, snacks accounted for 24%, dairy 20% and processed fish, meat and egg products 15%.

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