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Put the almond flour, baking powder, salt and granular Splenda, if using, in a medium mixing bowl.
I've been making the muffin recipes that call for part almond flour and part flax meal for years now and they are very good.
So, if you’ve ever made an almond flour recipe and had issues with the final product holding together, leaching out the oils or butter, or not rising properly and holding its shape, a likely culprit is that you are using the coarser almond meal, instead of almond flour. I’ve just made an orange cake with almond flour, eggs, sugar and cooked whole orange.
I always wondered how exactly a flour made from nuts could be substituted for wheat flour when nuts have so much fat in them.
My husband and I are new to the wheat free eating, and all I can say is bless you for your information on almond flour, I had just about given up on being able to bake anything ever again, I will buy correct almond flour, and try again. I had been using almond meal all along, until I purchased a bag of almond flour from Honeyville at your suggestion. I’m entering baking mode for recipe testing since it has cooled down in the Seattle area. Here’s a moist, subtly sweet bread recipe that will take some of those extra zucchinis sitting on your counter, or garden floor, and put them to good use. I’m finding this zucchini bread recipe to be the perfect balance of sweetness and moisture.

If you’re finding this recipe a bit too moist, reduce the amount of grated zucchini to 1 cup, or place the zucchini in a towel and squeeze it to wring out the excess moisture. How many servings would you estimate in a loaf (the sparkpeople calculator requires # of servings when you put in the recipe. Nuts.  I am sure there are a few others out there, but the rest definitely fall into the category of almond meal, a more coarsely ground substance.
After straining I am left with almond pulp which I then dehydrate at no higher that 115 degrees then process in food processor resulting in almond flour. To be honest, I have found no need to try to convert a traditional recipe to one using almond flour. Now, everything is so light and fluffy, almost indistinguishable from the regular flour versions.
I love how you included the tip to not cut into almond flour home baked treats until completely cooled. What I took away is the reminder all flours are not created equal and the characteristics of each must be considered when using them. You can tell when they’re ready by their large yellow flowers beginning to bloom, and their delicate spongy flesh. Part of me wants to jump into fall recipes, but another part of me can’t give up my summer produce quite yet!

I actually made two versions of the recipe (my son has dozens of food allergies, so his version had a combo of buckwheat-quinoa-brown-rice flour; and then a batch for my hubs and me with almond and quinoa flour, as well as coconut oil). I followed your recipe to a T and it was perfect, delicious and I am so excited to keep making it! I like using this better that Bobs or any store bought almond flour as it is not grainy and more powdery like regular flour.
In a separate large bowl, using the same beaters, beat the yolks and Splenda on high speed until thick and lemon colored, 4 minutes. Surprisingly, they don't taste the same as my low carb poundcake, probably because there is less butter and fewer eggs in these than in the cake. This recipe makes a good plain muffin that you can spread with sugar free jam, but it can easily be flavored the same as the ones with flax meal in them.
The only change I made to this version was to omit the flax and add another 2 ounces of almond flour.

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