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With 23 grams of carb per serving, this breakfast entree is a little over our 20-gram carb target, but its high protein and fiber content make it a healthy and hearty breakfast pick. On-the-go breakfasts can be delicious and nutritious when you have a stash of these treats in your freezer. Here's a great alternative to the usual fatty breakfast sausage: Add a few simple ingredients to lean ground turkey breast.
Make a batch of these carb-conscious muffins, and freeze them for a grab-and-go breakfast on hectic mornings.

This unique recipe uses quinoa for the crust in place of the usual high-fat and high-carb pastry. In addition to reasonable portion sizes, this recipe calls for just a small amount of olive oil and cooking spray, helping to reduce fat and calories.
The eggs are cooked in a thin layer and become the shell, replacing regular, carb-laden tortillas. By subbing whole wheat tortillas for bagels, the carb count is just 14 grams per serving rather than 60 grams or more for a typical bagel.

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