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Pingback: 74: Amy Dungan and Lisa Crawford Geiger Talk about Drinking Breakfast, Nasty Sweeteners, Tasty Fats and More! This pancake recipes uses whole mung beans but you can use the halved or cleaned white beans.
If you follow my blog then by now you have seen a couple of recipes that sound familiar but have a very varied twist. Everyone knows crepes but I can assure you that if you did not grow in the southern parts of Indian then the Goan Coconut Pancakes as they are called or Alle Belle ( It sure is not a Portuguese word but is more of a local nickname) stuffed with fresh grated coconut is a new one for you.
Mince plays an important part in the Goan Christian food habits as it’s a base for many popular Goan recipes. I wanted to buy fresh cauliflower yesterday, but wasn’t impressed with what I saw in the store. Since I try to eat right as much as I can and as my husband is on a detox diet It takes creativity to work with limited spices and foods.

I like it ground with the rich dark skin, it makes me feel that its more nutritious :-) On my first attempt I just used the spice mix with onions and cilantro. Since it is a thicker batter spread it around the pan and cook covered on medium low heat for 3 minutes on one side.
Mince in Goa is mostly made with beef and if you are wondering how come an Indian eats beef, well then you will have to read about Goan history here.
To name a few, Beef Croquettes, Beef Empadinhas, Beef Patties, Potato Chops and Almon’s. If you want to make it a low-calorie, low-carbs meal then stuff the meet in romaine lettuce leafs. Those of us living the LC lifestyle consume a high fat, moderate protein, lower carb meals. So this recipe of mung beans pancakes was a great switch and got a thumbs up from the hub’s.

So If you are a professional chef or a food expert then my recipes will not make a lot of sense but one thing I can guarantee is that it will taste great.
I started to eat them because of my diet that called for eliminating processed sugars with more natural forms. I try to :-) follow a gluten-free, low-fat and reduced sugar diet which in itself is hard to follow.

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