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There is nothing that can pull me off a low carb diet faster than a trip to the pizza place. This grilled chicken recipe is exactly why I like to keep a lot of grilled chicken breast on hand! I usually take the chicken breast out, slice it into bite size pieces and then give it a quick fry in some chipotle infused olive oil. Every single Sunday, on the way home from church, my family stops at Chicken Express for chicken nuggets, fries, fried okra, and sweet tea.
And every Sunday I pull all the good stuff off that darn chicken and eat two pieces while I watch them demolish the rest of it. You use chicken breast cut into small, nugget sized pieces and soaked in a spicy buttermilk brine. Teder and juicy chicken nuggets with a light, crispy coating that only have 2.0 effective carbs per serving!

Great recipe, however, it is not Induction friendly as nuts are not introduced until later. Quote: Even though most nuts and seeds are low in Net Carbs, most people have trouble controlling portions, which can easily lead to overconsumption.
There are 13.6 net carbs in the whole recipe so divide that by the number of servings you get out of it.
I have my husband grill extra chicken when he is grilling, but take it off just before it is done. I use the pure stevia powder by NOW (you can find it in the Lowcarb-ology shop linked above) but use whatever sweetener you like best.
I like the chicken in a lettuce wrap with jalapeno, a little onion and red pepper, and a sour cream and salsa dip. You can top yours with whatever you want, just make sure that you are not going over the wall with your carbs.

They do contain pecans, and yeah, I know that you’re not supposed to have nuts in induction but I went back to Atkins to read exactly what was said about that. In a recipe they are controlled, therefore do no cause a problem as long as the total net carbs are within limits.
This Asian inspired recipe is one of my favorites because it is simple but addictively drool producing.

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