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I found this recipe on a low-carb forum when Googling different low-carb websites--it sounds crazy, but the end result is amazing!
Once it has cooled take a long bread knife and slice the bun in half and make your hamburger as usual. It’s time for A Bountiful Bread Basket, Gluten-Free Bread Recipes, Part 5: Top 30 Best Gluten-Free Hamburger and Hot Dog Rolls. Note:  Recipes are labeled as far as their degree of “freeness” based on information provided. These “whole wheat-like” buns were born out of Jeanine’s sudden desire to eat a Sloppy Joe on a bun. Carla says:  “I really wanted to create a gluten-free hamburger buns recipe that was useful as a sandwich roll, as well. Jeanne says you can use a hamburger bun pan (which is not always called a hamburger bun pan), a large muffin top pan, or English muffin rings. Jules says:  “If you think great-tasting, easy-to-make, gluten-free hamburger and hot dog buns are impossible, prepare to be surprised!
Linda says:  “These soft yet chewy gluten free buns are great for sandwiches or whatever burger gets slung your way.
Danielle says these rolls are denser than typical sandwich or hamburger rolls, but they are very versatile and even make a great base for Eggs Benedict. Cassidy says: “My husband said these tasted just like “regular” hamburger buns, and I have to agree. Jennifer starts with her Sweet Potato Buns recipe (see below) and adjusts the shape and baking time. I followed the original recipe pretty closely, but now that I am comfortable with it, I have plans to experiment further, perhaps reducing the sugar, trialing it with other flours, going sans egg for a vegan option, etc.  But, in the meantime, I wanted to share it with you as it is just so darn helpful!
Well good to know that didn’t quite work At least you have a tried and true recipe that does! They do rise (during the 10 min rest and when you bake them), and if you are making 8 of the buns from that recipe, they are burger-sized. I put them back in and let them cook through, and they turned out like good pieces of bread, but not hamburger buns lol.

For example, I don’t normally label recipes “nut free,” as I don’t have expertise on the products that are truly nut free, but if the recipe creator originally labeled their recipe as nut free, I’ve included that info. The only thing different I did: I used a jumbo muffin tin and used a moistened ice cream scoop to make 8 buns. She says she likes the buns made in the mini quiche pans best because they’re wider and a bit thinner. One of her readers had success letting the buns rise in the muffin tin and then dumping them out onto a greased cookie sheet before baking.
For hamburger buns, you scoop out a larger amount of dough, of course, and you might have to bake them slightly longer than directed. Be sure to check out the first four parts of the Bountiful Bread Basket series via the links below if you’re looking for other bread recipes. Sometimes I cheat and put the buns in the oven while it is preheating; this will give them some more initial rise. You are the first person to have this happen with the recipe, and I have tested it many times myself. You can let them rise a bit longer if desired, but they do get bigger when made exactly as instructed in the recipe and when using an egg.
I did not have to leave the house to get buns for the 3 burger patties warming up for our lunch.
Now, let me tell you, applesauce is a decent substitute for butter in bread like recipes (quick breads, muffins, etc.) - Though to test this hypothesis, and so I didn't risk giving this recipe a faulty review, I made it both ways. I thought this recipe sounded odd, but it turned out yummy, and tasted like a light fluffy bread.
But you may find that there are actually many more nut-free recipes here than I’ve indicated by my descriptions.
I only made a single recipe as you never know about GF recipes, but I will double it in the future.
And I didn’t have guar gum, so I used more xanthan gum.” And “These buns are absolutely brilliant. Linda explains that refrigerating the dough overnight “enhances the texture and flavor of the buns by allowing the yeast time to do its thing” and “your patience will be rewarded”!

These are really wonderful soft rolls that make terrific hamburger buns and sandwich rolls.
Heck, your gluten-free bun is likely to be far better than those gluten-full buns ever were. All recipes are gluten free, of course, but I used the bloggers’ recipe titles and some include “gluten free” in the name and some do not. I don’t have a hamburger bun pan, so I used your suggestion to make them on a cookie sheet. I have been eating GF for 4 months now and I have tried many different bread and biscuit recipes and none of them have even come close to resembling regular bread.
It will be released on July 4t and the recipes will be paleo, dairy free, autoimmune protocol, and top 8 allergen free!
It includes 180 gluten-free, dairy-free, mostly paleo recipes. Buy it before August 1 and you’ll get 25% off! I’m happy to say these buns had a crusty, light exterior, a moist, chewy interior, and were light as air. I decided to try your recipe for our hamburgers tonight and the buns came out perfect and tasted even better than regular store bought buns. Next there’s the new version of her Dairy-Free Ice Cream:  75 Recipes Made Without Eggs, Gluten, Soy, or Refined Sugar book. They just came out of the oven and my 12 month old and I thought they were just to die for!!” and “I must say, this was the second recipe from the Spunky Coconut that I’ve tried, and I’m suitably impressed. Thank you for posting this recipe and giving us hope of having something that not only tastes, but also feels like bread. This gluten free recipe is definitely worth the effort!” She suggests using English Muffin rings, a mini cake pan, mini springform pans, or rings made from aluminum foil for molds.

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