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Combine nuts and seeds in bowl and cover with water, let soak overnight, drain and rinse thoroughly until water is clear (if I forgot to do this I sometimes skip this step, apparantly it is healthier and I like it because it makes the granola more chewy). Soak dried fruit (especially raisins) over night in small amount of water (just barely covered), do not drain (raisins in particular need to be soaked, if I forgot the night before I soak them for at least an hour before moving on with the recipe).
Spread mixture on cookie sheets (use parchment paper), drizzle honey or syrup over it (you know how sweet you like your granola.

Filed Under: Recipes >>>> Guess the Blogger and earn Eternal Fame (and win a Nice Price). And all that might sound rather fancy and official but truth is, this is just a very yummy granola and that is coming from someone who isn’t a particular big fan of granola. That’s why I have been on the hunt for recipes that I can prepare once and enjoy for several meals after and that are just as easy and carefree as my previous way of eating.

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