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On my way to Vegas, I knew it would be a long day of travel, so I stopped in one of the airport shops and stocked up on a few things. On my first day at the event, which was at the Las Vegas Aria Resort & Casino, I passed by all the cafes and such full of huge carb displays, and went for a full breakfast. I hope these photos give you some ideas and inspiration for eating low carb on the go, out and about, on the road and at restaurants or social events. They usually have grilled or sauteed mushrooms on the menu at breakfast if they can’t make the veggies. I have, almost 4 years now, and I haven’t had them checked by my health has improved dramatically since going low carb. I honestly LOVE all the tips…but it just makes you think, we have starving people in the world, yet we have the ability to throw our food away. I visited Teriyaki Boy for the first time recently after hearing people talk about their low carb bowls. And then deconstructed the mini sandwiches into a a great low carb meal of meats & cheeses.

I’m taking an 18-hour bus trip and I was looking for some ideas for food on the trip.
Many of our members had high cholesterol and high blood pressure and other issues prior to going low carb – and have seem drastic improvements as well.
At this point I focus more on healthy fats like avocado, pecans, egg salad, salmon and of course non-starchy (green) vegetables.
I limit my protein to 20% of my daily calories usually, as I eat LCHF (low carb, high fat).
I had never heard of the franchise before and I was excited to try it out since I read they have a variety of no sugar added AND low carb yogurt flavors.
I asked the owner about their Atkins-friendly options (and I thanked him for offering a healthy alternative!), and he said each store features a different flavor of low carb and no sugar added yogurt. I love Carl's low-carb lettuce wrapped burgers and the folks here understand what I want when I order that (they will seriously wrap ANYTHING ON THEIR MENU in lettuce to make it lower in carbs)!
We rang the door buzzer but nobody answered, so off we went to find a Greens & Proteins in hope of trying some low carb Manbake Beefcake cakes.

At our location, the first two machines are the low carb varieties and they change a couple of times a week. There are lots of yummy toppings you can add to your yogurt, including a few low-carb options: fresh strawberries, peanuts, almonds, coconut flakes, fresh bluberries, raspberries, and the best -- sugar free hot fudge!
I just get confused about how many carbs I can eat in a day and how to subtract the protein from the carbs. I also have high blood pressure, so I’m hoping I can stop taking blood pressure medicine. On other visits, the low carb flavors I've had were New York Cheesecake, Vanilla Malt and Capuccino. While the store is supposedly open 'til 11 pm, when we were there last week around 10, the employee had already mopped the floor and moved all the chairs so there was nowhere to sit.

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