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Pocket Protein KIDZ, a new protein drink for children, is joining the fight against childhood hunger and obesity and seeks the crowd to help fund its initiative. The creators of Pocket Protein have spent the past two years working with pediatricians  to perfect Pocket Protein KIDZ, a groundbreaking new way to ensure that children are getting enough protein.
In addition to bringing a responsibly sourced new product to grocery shelves everywhere, Pocket Protein is partnering with parents, Feeding America’s Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, The Center for Youth: Crisis Nursery, and others to feed hungry kids. Pocket Protein has launched a crowdfunding campaign powered by Tilt to land Pocket Protein KIDZ on grocery shelves, and is asking for those who share the product’s focus on healthy children and quality ingredients to support the effort.
Pocket Protein KIDZ is fat-free, caffeine-free, gluten-free, and lactose-free, as well as low-sugar and low-carb.

Finding on-the-go options for children with nut allergies or gluten or lactose intolerance has been notoriously difficult—until now. Made without artificial sweeteners, colors or sodium benzoate—three particularly harmful add-ins for kids with autism or ADHD—Pocket Protein KIDZ is made from real apple juice and a blend of all natural sweeteners including Stevia.
If Pocket Protein’s stretch goal of $500,000 is reached, funds will be used for the creation of a “Strong Body.
As organizations across the country with big hearts and small budgets step in to help, they often have to rely on highly processed, non-refrigerated foods: starchy, sugary carbs, and other foods high in fat and sodium.
A drink that never needs refrigeration, Pocket Protein KIDZ is full of essential vitamins instead of the extra junk other snacks and drinks feature that cause sluggishness and even obesity.

It is registered with the FDA and submits its ingredients and manufacturing process to them for review. Strong Mind” National Award program to recognize children and families who’ve achieved healthy goals both in both body and mind and providing Pocket Protein KIDZ to food banks and school districts around the country. Pocket Protein KIDZ offers a way to now include a safe, non-refrigerated, vitamin-packed protein drink—an ideal tool for the hundreds of non-profits working diligently to make a difference in children’s lives.

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