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What’s even better is their gluten-free, grain-free, and low-carb as they are so high in fiber. I’ve tried a few black bean brownie recipes online, and I must say this is by far the best! I just had one minor problem with mine in that they were a little bit more crumbly than I would have liked.
A couple of my gym mates have tried them and they couldn’t believe they were made from black beans. I had trouble finding tinned black beans, so I bought them raw and then boiled them until quite soft before blending.
The whole concept of black bean brownies is unintuitive – I think I know of no other dessert recipe that uses beans as an ingredient. You might want to soak the black beans in the morning in order to cook and use them in the evening.
Now that you have your beans, drain them (keep the cooking water – it makes an excellent and nutritious broth with just the addition of a little salt, and can stand in for vegetable or meat stock in many recipes). Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing wrong with people choosing to become vegan if it aligns with their personal value system and life goals. And although it’s possible to get enough protein to meet sedentary protein-needs on a strict vegetarian or vegan diet, trying to get an athlete 120-200 g of protein a day from strictly vegan sources is damn near impossible without loading up on so many legumes that anyone living within 50 miles of these individuals would require a Hazmat suit.

Although you can use any vegan protein powder with this recipe, I would recommend using a high quality pea protein for best results. Put the black beans in your blender, or food processor, and beat the hell out of them until they’re a paste.
We picked the little clingy bits out of the bottom of the pan, and they don’t taste at all beany. These brownies are vegan, grain free, and gluten free, and if you used stevia instead of sugar, they would even fit into a slow or low carb diet! Although I love vegetables and believe a diet centered around vegetables is essential to optimal health and body composition, eschewing meat entirely is difficult to reconcile with human physiology and biochemistry.
Consider it my new and improved biceps workout technique), mix beans, pea protein, cocoa, pumpkin, vanilla extract and stevia until a soft batter forms. Pea protein is pretty easy to digest wise, is very affordable, tastes good and doesn’t come with some of the controversy surrounding refined soy products. But if you’re using regular sugar and are more concerned with having gluten-free brownies instead of low-carb, go nuts with the chockie. I work at Walt Disney World, I'm a writer and artist, I cook gluten-free and low-carb food, and I make whatever weird crafts tickle my fancy. These are delicious, high in fiber, and its very tough to detect there is black beans in them.

I know this seems onerous, but freshly cooked black beans really are better than canned ones. If you don’t have a food processor, you can use a mixing bowl and blend it all with a stick blender. I have so many other experimental no-wheat recipes to try this holiday season, it may be a while before I’m able to revisit the brownies. I’ve tried many variations of black bean brownies and these by far…are the best! Anything with the addition of whey (and baked) seems to lose a bit of the fudge-like texture. Otherwise, you can mash the beans with a fork and then add the other ingredients (chop the walnuts quite finely, unless you want the black bean brownies to be very nobbly).
You can test one or two by taking it out with a fork then leaving it on a chopping board for a minute to cool.

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