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Mince plays an important part in the Goan Christian food habits as it’s a base for many popular Goan recipes. This recipe was inspired by my favourite pasta recipe that was posted by Beck D called Beef and Pasta Bake - the Best! Drain, then add sauce, and oregano and simmer, covered, about 15 mins or until mixture has thickened slightly. Stir spaghetti squash into beef mixture, then spoon into an ovenproof dish and sprinkle with cheese.
Taco meat is a yummy base to a lot of low carb meals, however buying the pre-prepared taco mix from the supermarket is not an option as it is too high in carbs.

Mince in Goa is mostly made with beef and if you are wondering how come an Indian eats beef, well then you will have to read about Goan history here. To name a few, Beef Croquettes, Beef Empadinhas, Beef Patties, Potato Chops and Almon’s. If you want to make it a low-calorie, low-carbs meal then stuff the meet in romaine lettuce leafs. But all the packet mixes are quite high in carbs, so I set about doing it the old fashioned way – from scratch! They made this beautiful Mexican Crepe, so I decided why should I miss out, and have now done Mexican Crepes the low carb way.

What I got was delicious and creamy and tasty, ubt it was not beef stroganoff – hence the name of the dish.
But it’s a bit too high carb for me these days so I decided to amend it and make it low carb.
This is a great recipe you can make the day before and just sauce and heat the following day.

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